What’s Going on at Whole Foods Market Omaha

*I was provided with a Gift Card to experience Whole Foods and any opinions are 100% my own.

What’s Going on at Whole Foods Market Omaha? Well, I made my first trip out to Regency to find out! I have to admit, I’ve been one of those people that thought Whole Foods was out of my budget and that they only offered organic food. Boy was I wrong! Not only are they affordable (they even have their own value line!) but they offer a huge variety of both organic, non-organic, and even gluten free foods!

You know I had to go on a Saturday and if you don’t know, that means you have been missing out on “Taste Who We Are” Saturdays! Every Saturday from Noon – 3PM, the amazeballs team members at Whole Foods Omaha roll out their carts. Carts topped with delicious eats and tasty drinks for you to sample. Who wants to buy something they aren’t sure if they like? Not I.

PS: If you want to try something at Whole Foods Omaha….any day of the week….just ask a Whole Foods Team Member!

So we went rolling through Whole Foods like a bunch of bloggers with their smartphones aimed and cameras ready. My taste buds partied with Blue Cheese Chicken Sausage and Pretzel Buns and these were omgosh delicious! I ended up picking this up for dinner too!

Lots of tasty drinks including wine, beers, and sangria. 

Fresh Coconut Water – like straight from the coconut into my cup fresh…..

They even had a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar open! Now, I’m not a fan of Bloody Mary’s but I do love making my own creations so I had fun with bacon and beef sticks and celery! The Walking Tourists joined me in the fun and got sucked into a photo opp!

Dessert. We can’t forget dessert, especially when it’s of the Gelato kind. The Whole Foods Crispy Cookies are heaven and I took home the Almond flavor. They didn’t last a day. Seriously though, the Gelato Cookie Sandwich Whole Foods made for us was beyond AHmazing! Grab yourself some Gelato and Crispy Cookies and do your belly a favor.

The menu for “Taste Who We Are” at Whole Foods Omaha changes each week, but you will still find delish eats and drinks, and smiling faces every Saturday from Noon – 3PM. Well, you will find that all the time but you know what I mean. 😉

Another thing to take note of at Whole Foods are the Blessing Baskets. At first you may think these are just basket but these baskets have a story. Each basket is beautifully handmade and includes the name on the basket of the person who made it. Not only that, it includes a card that tells that person’s story. I’m telling ya, this is the best unique and personal gift I’ve come across.

Tidbits About Whole Foods Omaha
  • They will host parties with themes. Think build your own pizza, a spa night, or even a wine tasting. Soon there will be wine and painting night and you know how much I LOVE those! 
  • Ask for leftover Salmon Skins for your pets and if they have them, they will give them to you.
  • Buy something and don’t like it? Bring it back for a refund or exchange. 
  • Want to try something? Just ask. 
  • The produce section is taken down and rebuilt each night. Every. Night. 
  • Whole Foods offers coupons on their website and accepts manufacture coupons which allows you stack for extra savings.
  • Keep an eye out for Weeky Sales and Daily Specials for fantastic deals! 
  • Organic Foods are shelved above conventional foods so there is no contamination. 
  • Whole Foods is the only Certified Organic Grocery Store and they do receive audits.
What’s Going on at Whole Foods in September

There are lots of fun events going on at Whole Foods Market Omaha each month! On the first of the month the events are added to the Whole Foods Market Omaha Website and here is a peek at some events that going on in September!
  • Whole Kids Foundation Fundraising Carnival in the Whole Foods Market Parking Lot from 9-11 AM 
  • One Day Sale on September 12th
  • Cheese Night: Grilling Cheese on September 16th
  • Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods by Tammy Ryan Event on September 17th – this is one you don’t want to miss, especially if you like preforming art. 
  • Whole Foods Market Omaha’s First Birthday on September 21st
  • and more! 

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