Weekend Trip to Nebraska’s Wildlife Safari Park

I haven’t been to Nebraska’s Wildlife Safari Park in Ashland since I was a little girl. We decided to load the kids in the car and spent Saturday afternoon driving and hiking through the safari. It was a blast, and if you haven’t been, you should head out and check it out!

Each animal is contained within it’s own “habitat area” but you are able to drive through each of those area and see Elk, Bison, White Tail Deer and more, without glass or a fence between you. (Exception of the bear, wolves, and animals at the exit) The Elk are the first animal you visit during the Wildlife Safari. It was a pretty hot day and all but 3 were in the pond off the side of the road!

Next up where the White Tail Deer. We see these all over driving around town but it was still fun to play hide-n-seek and count how many we could find! Can you find the deer in the pic below?

Round the corner from the deer was a wetland full of Cranes. They were pretty active and it was fun to watch them. 
You could get out of your car at this point and walk to the Wetlands Viewing Area. I grabbed my camera and little man got his gear. He was watching the cranes and hunting for turtles. They were all over in the wetland area!
Down from the cranes is the Eagle Aviary and Boardwalk. At the Boardwalk you can visit the petting zoo with goats, chickens, and roosters. There is also a little snack shop with chips, popcorn and beverages. 
Behind the snack shop we found a surprise! They were having a Bird Day for the kids and they could make Bird Seed Bagels to hang in a tree at home and a nest to take home as well. Little man loved this and he also got a squishy bison to add to his toy collection for stopping by the event.
While we were there, a park employee brought out a special friend. An Owl they had rescued that only had one eye. Because of that, he will spend his life at the Wildlife Safari Park so hopefully you will see him with the other owls soon!
Before leaving the Boardwalk, you can take a hike to Wolf Canyon and the Black Bear. We couldn’t find one wolf, those guys were hidden good! We did see the Black Bear and he was right under the viewing area!

We finished our hike and hopped back into the car to go on a Bison hunt.  We found them all grouped together in two packs, this is just one. A couple stood up but it didn’t last long. Did I mention it was a hot day?!

After the bison, you can head on back towards the exit. The fun doesn’t end their though. On your way out their is a small playground,, Elk Viewing Area, Gift Shop and Snack Shop, and a small area with a few more animals, like this Bobcat who was strutting his stuff.
There were also Foxes, Hawks, and this Porcupine that was hiding in a tree. I wish he would have come out so I could really see him! All in All I give Nebraska’s Wildlife Safari Park two thumbs up! Great little weekend adventure for anyone.
Hours: Open Daily 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM through October 31st
Price: Adults (12+) $6.50, Children (3-11) $4.50, Seniors (65+) $5.50
Food Price: $1.00 – $6.75 (Small Popcorn $2.50, Hot Dog $3.50, and more)

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