Week of Firsts #FamilyForward

In less than 72 hours I will be boarding a plane for Orlando, Florida to attend the Family Forward Retreat with 99 other fabulous Mom it Forward Bloggers! Not only will I be buckling up on Southwest (my favorite airline to fly because they check 2 bags free and the flight attends are amazing) but so will my husband, tween girl, little man, and our 7 month old twins. Thus beings the Week of Firsts!

First time to Orlando, Florida
First time to Universal Studios and Adventures Island
First time traveling with the entire family by plane

For me, this is a whole new mommy territory for me. We have gone on family vacations, but we travel by car and it hasn’t been more than 2 hours away. This is a different ball game with new players on the team. The twins. But, I’m stepping up to the plate and ready to hit a homerun on this vacation!

The Family Forward Retreat is a 3 Day event held at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Not only will we get to experience the amazing fun at both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, but we will also get the fantastic opportunity to reconnect as a family. Through a variety of events and team building exercises, we will be unleashing our super powers as individuals and as a family unit. 
You can follow our adventures at the Family Forward Retreat by following Sweetielisa on Instagram and @lisamc7 on Twitter.
Family Forward

4 thoughts on “Week of Firsts #FamilyForward”

  • Have a great time!! I'm so bummed my hubby couldn't get off work to go! I can't wait to see all your pictures and hear all about it. I LOVE Southwest, they are awesome with my son's peanut allergy. They won't serve them on the plane and they let me pre-board so I can wipe down his seat. They are an awesome airline! Your babies are adorable!

  • You're going to have so much fun! I was there exactly a year ago this week. We had SUCH a good time…minus the tropical storm that took out half our second day and made us glad we hadn't booked the longer trip we'd initially considered. (We drove, too. Ugh..mostly? lol) I thought about going but after just moving out here, long trips are not super-exciting right now, and with my little guy just starting school, I knew that it wouldn't work..oh, and the new gig and the new house… 😉 Enjoy and share pictures!

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