Unforgettable Experience at Omaha Fashion Week

Omaha Fashion Week hit the runway last week and Jamie and I got to check out the Kids and Art to Wear Night. Let me say that it was an unforgettable experience! This was my first trip to KANEKO and the fact that they left this space as an empty canvas, to do whatever your creative mind wants, is awesome!

Everything about Omaha Fashion Week,  from the atmosphere, to the models, to the designs kept you clapping, laughing, and oohing. Check out this fun display right as you walk in the door!

Here is how everything looks 2 hours prior to the show. By the time the models hit the runway, it was pretty much standing room only. There really wasn’t a bad view in the house either.

Once the action got rolling it was pretty much non-stop minus the 15 minute intermission. That gave us a chance to rest our tootsies. Heels were fashionably painful. 😉

I did have my favorite pieces and then their were ones that kept me guessing. How would you walk in those? How can you sit down in that?  I do love this particular dress, with all the different fabrics, it’s so fun!

Get Plastered by Angel Balderston was a creative line. Using plaster, zip ties, metal, and more, Balderston created some fantastic pieces. I could see this being a big Prom Theme! 😀
There is something about sequins that I enjoy. The sparkle and twinkle it gives off as it moves eye catchingly beautiful.
Hair styles were big and we couldn’t imagine the chore of washing it out afterwards. A lot of the styles complimented the outfits perfectly, really telling a story.

Those of you that love Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties, this is for you! I love the idea of the wreath around the waist – THAT LIGHTS UP – but that goes back to my how do you sit? question. Oh, and the present head piece. Yes Please! 🙂

Omaha Fashion Week is only in it’s 5th year but has already become the region’s largest fashion event. Giving young designers and veteran’s from around the Midwest, under one roof. Elizabeth Fitzgerald designed the line Kait Blu. This girl is not only amazing, but an inspiration. Elizabeth is attends Duchesne Academy and is just 16 years old. 16! Six months ago she walked in with sketches, not knowing how to sew. Within 6 months she was runway ready and her creations were impressive to say the least. Kait Blu is a name that you may begin to hear quite often in the years to come…

Next year, when Omaha Fashion Week rolls around, get yourself a ticket and check it out. You won’t be sorry. We are thinking that next time we are going to go as a VIPs – the get goodie bags. 😀

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