Dino-mite Fun with Scotty and Tyrannosaurs at The Durham Musem

A few days ago I took my twins to Member Days at The Durham Museum in Omaha for the opening of Tyrannousaurs: Meet The Family and let me tell ya, we were impressed, and not because I am a partner with the museum this year but because it was fantastic!

This is the world’s first exhibition showcasing the newly-revised Tyrannosaur family tree and it will be on display at The Durham Museum through September 1st.¬†Interactive screens and the first of more than 10 life-sized dinosaur specimens greets you as soon as you enter the exhibit.

Massive skulls, powerful jaws, and bone-crunching teeth are in every direction. Along with seeing fossils and casts, you can dance on screen with dinosaurs, test your strength, and play some games.

All that fun is had even before stopping in to see what is probably the oldest and most famous specimen in Omaha right now… Scotty, the largest T.rex ever discovered!

After experiencing the exhibit, stop by the Soda Fountain for some dino-themed sweet treats! On the menu are a Chocolate Tarpit Sundae with gummy dinosaurs, Meteorite Sundae with rock candy, Prehistoric Shake with caramel marshmallow and graham crackers, and a Molten Lava Ice Cream Soda with chocolate ice cream and strawberry topping!

To celebrate Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family there will be lots of fun events happening at The Durham Museum. Check them out below and get yourself over there for a dino-mite experience!

Tyrannosaurs at Two

Every day from June 8th – September 1st at 2:00PM is Tyrannosaurs at Two featuring a different topic each day, along with trivia and prizes.

Storytime with Scotty

Wednesdays from June 12th – July 31st at 10:30AM is Storytime with Scotty featuring a different dinosaur-themed bok and craft each week.

Fossil Fridays

Fridays from June 14th – August 9th is Fossil Fridays! From 10AM-2PM are crafts, giveaway, and raffles while supplies last. At 10:30AM is a guided exhibit tour and at 11:30AM and 1:30PM is a dino-themed game. Kids will be able to collect 9 dinosaur cutouts if they attend each date!

Rise of the Tyrants

Saturday, June 15th at 10:30AM: Rise of the Tyrants: A family-focused presentation introducing the newest discovery, a tiny Tyrannosaur named Moros.

Fearsome Continent

Saturday, June 15th at 1PM: Fearsome Continent: New Discoveries Reveal the Lost Cretaceous Worlds of North America where you will be among the first to hear about several undescribed dinosaur species and the first nest of eggs from an Oviraptor from the North American Continent.

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Parties

Plan a dino-themed birthday party at The Durham Museum and celebrate your birthday with Scotty! Party guests will be able to Meet the Family, celebrate with a reading of Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp, play dinosaur bingo, and enjoy a T.rex craft!

Back to School Bash

Friday, August 9th is the Back to School Bash at The Durham Museum from 5-9PM! Watch “We’re Back” on the big screen, jump in the “Bounce-a-Saurus” bounce house, and get your face painted like a dinosaur.

Scouts-Only Family Night

Monday, August 26th from 4-7PM is Scouts-Only Family Night with Scotty where you can say farewell to summer with the T.rex family and enjoy a scavenger hunt, dino-themed crafts, and more.

Learn more at DurhamMuseum.org

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