22 Fun Things for Teens To Do in Council Bluffs

Since childhood, the types of things for kids to do in Council Bluffs have come and gone. Many I’d like to see come back like putt-putting at Cerv’s and watching movies at the Drive-In. While those things are long gone, you can still find fun things to do, like these 16 things for teens to do in Council Bluffs!

Fun Things for Teens to Do in Council Bluffs Iowa

22 Fun Things for Teens To Do in Council Bluffs

  1. Get your bounce on at The Hub in the former YMCA building.
  2. Play a round of Putt-Putt at Pirate Putt!
  3. Watch a movie at AMC Theater.
  4. Go bowling at Thunderbowl.
  5. Go biking or hiking on one of the trails.
  6. Have fun at the Council Bluffs Library’s Teen Center and one of their many monthly events!
  7. Lunch and shopping at Mall of the Bluffs or Metro Crossing.
  8. Spend the day fishing, swimming, or picnicking at Lake Manawa.
  9. Gather friends for an impromptu game of baseball, soccer, or basketball at one of Council Bluffs’ parks.
  10. Grab blankets and some music for an afternoon at Bayliss Park.
  11. Plan a day of thrift store shopping and visit all of the shops in Council Bluffs.
  12. Play games, go swimming, or workout at the YMCA.
  13. During the summer, go swimming at Katelman or Pirate’s Cove.
  14. Get your race on at Joe’s Karting.
  15. Plan a hayrack ride and bonfire at Shady Lane.
  16. Visit one of the seven museums in Council Bluffs.
  17. Tour the Historic Squirrel Cage Jail, one of the oldest rotary jails in the United States.
  18. Test your skills at The Cryptic Room – Council Bluff’s only Escape Room.
  19. Reserve a painting class at Canvas Concoctions.
  20. Volunteer at the Midlands Humane Society –┬áto learn more click here!
  21. In the fall, get your scare on at Madness Haunted House!
  22. Geocaching – thanks to a Facebook fan for sharing this one!

What would you add to the list?

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