The Story of Branson’s Blutos

If you ever run into someone who lives in Branson they’ll probably know the names Paul and Ann Bluto. A couple who loves Branson and has made a name for themselves with Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex and several delicious restaurants.

As a Blogging Branson Ambassador, I was provided with complimentary meals to several Branson restaurants and venues. Any opinions are 100% my own.  

The Story of Branson’s Blutos

It all began when Paul Bluto invested in and served on the board of the IMAX Complex in Branson when ITEC owned it. When ITEC filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Mr. Bluto stepped in to become the majority shareholder. He eventually bought the entire Ozark Discovery IMAX Complex and has continued to make it the must-visit spot it is today.

After I visited in April I told you how convenient Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex is. A place where you can shop, dine, take in a live show, and also enjoy one of the world’s greatest cinematic experiences on a Dual 4K Laser Projection screen with 12.1 channel surround sound and luxury rocker and recliner seating.

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A place where you’ll find delicious eats at McFarlain’s Restaurant like Fried Green Tomatoes and melt in your mouth hot beef sandwiches. All of that thanks to The Bluto’s desire to make it into something visitors looked forward to coming to time and time again!

We can also thank The Bluto’s for Florentina’s where you’ll find the most amazing Italian Nachos and Montana Mike’s Steakhouse in Branson. This time around we kicked things off with a mixer at Montana Mike’s and I loved the cozy cabin vibe it had going on – there were deer heads hanging on the wall. It felt like home lol!

Lunch options for our group included a chicken salad, burger, or baked potato with soup. I went with the last option and it was a great choice for the chilly day.

I also ordered a cocktail that was super yummy but I can’t remember which one it was or I would tell you to try it! I’m pretty sure it was the Melonade just not in a mason jar glass. Either way, tasty!

Another tasty thing you have to try if you dine at Montana Mike’s in Branson are the onion rings. I really enjoyed the flavor of the breading and it had just the right texture of crunchy but not too crunchy.

The Bluto’s have helped bring lots of dining and entertainment options to Branson and I look forward to trying somewhere new next time I visit!

Learn more about Montana’s Mikes on the Official Website

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