The Bachelor from Iowa: Everything You Need to Know About Chris Soules

I’m sitting here watching Wheel of Fortune tonight and caught a commercial for the upcoming 19th edition of The Bachelor. First of all, 19?! I lost count a long time ago. Second of all, the handsome man that all the single women after this season is from Iowa!

You may remember Chris being sent home by “The Bacholorette” Andi Dorman. He was one of the final three men vying for Dorman’s love, but was sent home after confessing his love for her. Now, he’s putting the heart break behind him and searching for his true love. If you are hunting and digging for all the deets on the farmer from Iowa that has millions of single women clamoring for his love, well here ya go…….

Everything You Need to Know About Chris Soules
  • He is 32,
  • He has blue eyes.
  • He is 6’1″
  • He loves football, camping, and country music.
  • He has been engaged once before and ended that 7-year relationship just months before tying the knot. 
  • He is a self-proclaimed romantic.
  • He grew up on a farm in Lamont, Iowa.
  • He is currently an enormously successful farmer from Arlington, Iowa  (pop. 427) 
  • His role model is his father, whom is also a farmer.  Chris counts his father, who is a farmer, too, as his role model. 
  • His mom is the 
  • He has three older sisters and they are the ones who originally submitted him for the show.
  • He wants to start his own family and hopes to 4-6 children. 
  • He could drive a tractor before he could drive a car. When Chris starts his own family, he is hoping for a big one like his own: four to six children. 
  • He attended Iowa State University and studied agronomy and agriculture. 
  • After college, he used his skills to expanded the family business and helped make it the multi-million dollar enterprise it is today. 
Catch Chris Soules on the 19th edition of The Bachelor on ABC that premieres on January. 5th at 7:00 PM!

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  • I will definitely be tuning in for this season. I'm not a huge fan of Chris', but who knows maybe when I see him on his own season I'll warm up too him.

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