Teaching Kids About Big Cats: National Geographic Live! Series

The first speaker in the 2016 National Geographic Live! Series at Holland Performing Arts Center will be taking us on the search for Big Cats! We’re talking Cougars, Snow Leopards, and the world’s most endangered big cats, Tigers. Thanks to Omaha Performing Arts, we received complimentary tickets and I’m super excited to take my oldest two kids!

(Photo Credit: Steve Winter)

I’m not quite sure where my love for big cats came from. Courage the Cowardly Lion gaining back his courage, Tony the Tiger giving me a grrrrreat breakfast, or the actively roartastic lions and tigers at the zoo. That love for big cats has been passed onto my kids who love heading to see the tigers at the zoo, sport their tiger masks during playtime, and snuggle up with their lions at nap. Do you have a love for big cats too?

(Photo Credit: Steve Winter)

Whether you love big cats or not, you don’t want to miss Omaha Performing Arts presents National Geographic Live’s “On the Trail of Big Cats: Tigers, Cougars, and Snow Leopards” with Steve Winter on March 22nd 2nd at 6:30. Loaded with images and footage from his journey, Winter will take us around the world in search of big cats during “On the Trail of Big Cats”. Including stops in Asian jungles where resilient tiger populations persist, to the Himalaya where the rare snow leopard calls home, and even the iconic “Hollywood” sign in pursuit of the American cougar.

(Photo Credit: Steve Winter)

National Geographic Live! offers family friendly shows with both dangerous and lighter moments. This will be my first National Geographic Live! and I’m looking forward to the conversations it sparks with my kids, and sporting my Big Cats TOMS that I received as a National Geographic Kids Insider! I’m almost betting everyone is going to leave the show wanting to learn more about big cats and how to help save tigers. Especially the kids. If that ends up being your kids, here are some ideas and resources for teaching kids about big cats!

(Photo Credit: Steve Winter)

Mark your calendars for National Geographic Live’s “On the Trail of Big Cats” with Steve Winter on Tuesday, March 22nd at 7:30 p.m. at Holland Performing Arts Center. You can purchase tickets at TicketOmaha.org today and save $5.00 off tickets when you use Promo Code CATS through February 1st!

Other National Geographic Live! shows for this season include:

  • National Geographic Live’s Untamed Wild with Cory Richards (March 8th, 7:30 p.m.)
  • National Geographic Live’s The Search for Life Beyond Earth with Kevin Hand (April 12th, 7:30 p.m.)

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