Taste of Italy at Florentina’s in Branson

If spirit animals were food, mine would be pasta. All the pastas. Spaghetti, pasta salad, fettuccine, and even macaroni. The only pasta I don’t like is Lasagna and that’s because of icky ricotta cheese. While on our sponsored #BloggingBranson trip my belly wasn’t just greeted with my second favorite, pizza, it was also greeted with a taste of Italy at Florentina’s in Branson!

Discover a taste of Italy at Florentina's in Branson. A Ristorante Italiano that will tantilize your taste buds!

Florentina’s in Branson

Florentina’s Ristorante Italiano serves up authentic local Italian food and chef-created dishes. Basically, as soon as I walked in the door I heard, “I love you and I’m here for your belly” whispered in my ear. Bar seating on one side and tables big enough for families on the other, I was ready to pull up a chair and eat.

Florentina's Branson Menu

If you are looking for Italian restaurants in Branson the Ultimate Nachos Italiano are the #1 reason to add Florentina’s to your list. Oh. My. Goodness. SO good that I was dreaming about them when I came home and am still trying to figure out how to get them delivered. The next best thing to driving 6.5 hours is to recreate them myself and I did just that with Florentina’s Inspired Italian Nachos on Mom on the Side.

Florentina's Branson Menu: Ultimate Nachos ItalianoThe chicken fettuccine alfredo was also delicious with a pasta cooked to perfection. Everyone raved about their dishes as well as the cocktails. YUMMY!What's on the Menu at Florentina's Branson MOI ordered a Blueberry Cocktail that I wish I could remember that name of so I could sip on it this summer. I know there was blueberry vodka and fresh blueberries involved but that’s it. If anyone reading this heads to Florentina’s in Branson help a girl out!

Cocktails at Florentina's in Branson MO

I wish there was a Florentina’s down the road so I could drive there anytime I’m craving Italian food. Until then, I’ll keep it on my must-eat-at Branson restaurants list to visit whenever I go.

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  1. Such a beautiful restaurant and you can’t lose with ITALIAN!! I may or may not have already mentally prepared my meal should I ever have the opportunity to visit. YUM!! #BloggingBranson

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