Smurf-tastic Fun While Playing Dress Up #UnPlug2Play

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When it comes to electronics, my kids have more gadgets then I ever did when I was kid.  They didn’t have fancy video game systems, laptops, and tablets when I was growing up. I had video games you had to blow in to get them to work and a typewriter with no Wi-Fi! 😉 I remember using my imagination a lot and playing dress up. It was always fun to pretend you were someone else, something else, even if just for one afternoon.

When little man got excited that Smurfs 2 is coming to theaters, I  decided to plan a Smurfs Play Date with his cousins to keep the excitement going! Instead of just popping in the Smurfs Movie, I decided to invite his cousins over for an afternoon of Smurf-tastic Fun and to #UnPlug2Play and play dress up! I ordered little man a Smurfs Costume from Costume Express that was perfect for this play date! I loved the costume so much that I couldn’t resist ordering Smurfs Mittens and Smurfs Shoe Covers from Costume Express for little man’s cousins. Check out my Google+ Album for more on my shopping fun.

 A great way to encourage creative playtime is with dress up. There are so many possibilities and endless fun when it comes to playing dress up. Costume Express has a huge variety of costumes and accessories for all your dress-up needs.

When the cousins arrived they got right into their Smurfs dress up gear! 😀 Once the boys were in their dress up costumes and accessories, they got busy filling their plates and their bellies. A Smurfs Dress-Up party wouldn’t be complete with out SmurfBerry-licious Snacks! Well, the SmurfBerry Patch was picked over for the season so we had to settle for blue cotton candy cupcakes and blue jello with whip cream.

  The purpose of the afternoons Smurf-tastic fun was to get the boys out from in front of the TV and computer screens. I wanted them to use their imaginations to create their own Smurf adventures. So, outside of planning snacks, I asked the boys, I mean, the “Smurfs” what they wanted to do. Guess what they said? They wanted to go search for snakes in Grandma’s garden because Smurf hands were perfect for catching snakes in!

 Off to Grandma’s Garden the “Smurfs” went! Fa la la la la la la la la la la 

Smurfs on a snake searching adventure!
No snakes, but the littlest “Smurf” was having tons of fun!
When the “Smurfs” were hot and tired from snake searching, they did what any other “Smurf” would do. They headed inside to build creations with their imaginations. 
The boys had a fun afternoon and not once did they ask to watch TV, play a video game, or get on the computer. They got along, used their imaginations, and had a fun adventure. Playing dress up with fun costumes from Costume Express is just one of the ways you can unplug the electronics and have fun with your little one.
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I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

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