Silver Dollar City Rides, Food, and Fun

This was a sponsored trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson. Any opinions are 100% my own.

Silver Dollar City Theme Park in Branson

My first experience at Silver Dollar City was back in the early 90’s. I’m not sure exactly what year and neither does my mom who didn’t snap any pictures after the initial “we’ve arrived” picture at grandma’s that summer. Almost 30 years later I returned but with my husband instead siblings and it felt like I stepped back into childhood the second I smelled the taffy.

Silver Dollar City Saltwater Taffy

There are two things I remember about my first trip. One of my brothers got lost and when the security officer brought found him and brought him back he had a sno-cone. The other memory is riding Lost River of the Ozarks with my cousin and another family. When we got drenched by water the other woman yelled: “Blimey I’m saturated!” I laughed so hard I almost got even wetter! This second trip I have way more awesome memories and man has the Silver Dollar City Theme Park really grown even if it hasn’t left the 1880’s!

Silver Dollar City Rides, Food, and Fun

Silver Dollar City is a theme park, not an amusement park. Yes, it has over 40 rides, as well as carnival-style games, shops, and even shows to see but it also has a theme throughout that transports you back in time 1880’s Ozark style. That theme is also present in the newest addition to the list of Silver Dollar City Rides, Time Traveler!!

Silver Dollar City Time Traveler Ride

Sadly I have to admit that I didn’t ride Time Traveler that day. I started the morning off taking Dramamine in preparation to ride the world-record breaking fastest, steepest, tallest, spinning coaster but chickened out.

The track twists and loop, reaching heights of 100 feet, crossing over itself 14 times in total. Fans of the super acceleration of launch rides get two launches on time traveler plus the highly-themed cars create the experience of an actual “Time Machine”.

Fastest: 50.3 mph top speed
Steepest: 10-story 90-degree vertical drop that is STRAIGHT DOWN (The drop is custom-engineered to have an immediate out-of-the-station, gravity-driven drop down an Ozarks mountainside)
Tallest: 100 ft tall at it’s tallest point
First & Only Three Inversions: Dive Loop, Vertical Loop, Zero-G Loop
First & Only Vertical Loop: 95 ft tall loop
First & Only Double Launch: 0-47 mph in 3 Seconds | 30-45 mph in 3.5 seconds

I’m highly disappointed in my level of adventure-seeking that day and the fact that all I can give you are the thoughts of fellow bloggers who wore with me and braved the ride. While they are great, it’s not the same as riding Time Traveler for yourself – which you should put on your summer bucket list because they say so!

“It was impossible for me to leave Silver Dollar City without giving Time Traveler a go! With a houseful of adventure-junkies, I knew they were waiting for my review back home. I have to say ~ it was the scariest, most exhilarating experience on a coaster to date for me!! The unexpected twists and turns left me screaming, but also had me feeling like I was flying at times. The entire journey was surprisingly smooth, as there no jolts, no sharp corners. Once we returned and realized we had survived, it was impossible not to smile, laugh, want to kiss the ground or scream from the adrenaline rush! IT WAS AMAZING!! And to answer the next question, yes. I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat!” –

“I am a coaster junkie and have ridden so many, but no coaster anywhere is like that of Time Traveler. Starting from the deep plummet at the beginning to the twists and turns both from the track and the train car you’re in, the ride is thrilling, a little breath-taking and truly the most unique coaster I’ve ever ridden!” –

Other rides at Silver Dollar City include Electro Spin, Firefall (one of my husband’s favorite rides so you know we hopped on!), Magnificent Wave Carousel that we also rode, Outlaw Run Coaster, PowderKeg Coaster, Royal Tea Party, and LOTS more. Plenty to ride for kids and adults alike, including rides to thrill and rides to get you wet.

Rides at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri

There is no shortage of large portion sizes and good food at Silver Dollar City. Many things like pastries and peanut brittle you can even watch be made. Succotash is a popular favorite and we sampled two kinds that were both tasty! Keep your eyes out for giant pans cooking it up around the park. I also recommend stopping in Molly’s Mill Holiday Harvest Buffet for a meal that will leave you feeling like Thanksgiving.

Silver Dollar City Food

I had no idea that Silver Dollar City offered culinary classes but now I know and it’s something I would do every visit. During our trip, we stopped at Silver Dollar City’s Midwest Living Culinary & Craft School and learned how to whip up a delicious lemon poppy seed bread and chicken Thai noodles. Great tips were shared and delicious food devoured so it was a win-win!

Silver Dollar City Cooking Classes Other things to do at Silver Dollar City including visiting one of the many shops that have everything from Christmas ornaments to handmade soaps, to princess dresses, and more. Take in one of the many live shows like Homestead Pickers, Roots and Koontz, Street Troupers, a church service at Wilderness Church, and many others.

Explore original homes, watch the craftsman at work, and even explore Marvel Cave where the theme for Silver Dollar City all started. The Herschends purchased a 100-year lease on the cave back in the 1920’s and after the development of the cave was complete they decided to create another attraction which would bring even more tourists to the cave.

The 1880’s Ozark Village began its construction and when Silver Dollar City Originally opened there 5 shops, a church, a log cabin, daily street productions reproducing the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys. As a promotional idea, visitors were given silver dollars as change and it really helped spread the word about Silver Dollar City and helping it become what it is today. A place where people of all ages can make a lifetime of memories, and the place where you can see the hotel featured on the Beverly Hillbillies, who filmed five episodes in the park!

Beverly Hillibillies House at Silver Dollar City

You could spend an entire day at Silver Dollar City and never get bored. I can say that as both a child and an adult. As you plan a trip to Branson, make sure you leave yourself a day to explore this 1880’s theme park, especially at Christmas time when it transforms into a winter wonderland of lights!
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  1. Oh my goodness, I could spend hours going through all of the taffy flavors. The food looks divine, the little “city” has so much to offer. I hope to visit one day!! #BloggingBranson

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