Roller Skates and Super Rope #NaBloPoMo

Anyone that knows me will tell you I want to be a Roller Derby Girl. Lisa Lip Stick En’ Up is my name and to afraid to get hurt is my game. Heck, it had been over 15 years since I had put my tootsies in roller skates until 3 weeks ago.
It felt amazing after about an hour of rolling around like a stiff board. Was it that hard the first time when we were 5?! Man you can get going fast. The wind blowing your hair….until you remember you have to stop. The hard brick wall that smashes my boobies is how I stop. Yep.
I have now been twice and the second time was easier. Oh, I forgot to mention – Beer and Super Rope. Seriously. Skating, beer and super rope. Do it! So, yes, the second time was easier and I went a little faster. Granted, the kids jiving on their skates make me look like a granny in heels Nah, even she probably gets around better than I do at this point.
These two skating adventures have made my Roller Derby Girl craving stronger and the fact that I haven’t fallen down yet have made my fear smaller…..we shall see…..after all, this is Nerdy in My Thirties.

*Forgive the pic – it’s skate rental guy’s fault.

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