Pumpkin Fun at Welch’s Orchard and Pumpkin Patch

Take a little jaunt down McPherson Road, make a left on Sunnydale and you will find Welch’s Orchard. I am sad that I didn’t know of Welch’s Orchard before this past weekend! As much as I love Vala’s, it is over-priced, over-crowded, and well, I’m over it.  
 Welch’s Orchard is now our go to place for pumpkins! When you pull in the driveway you are greeted with Fall themed decor, pumpkins, gourds, and Joe, the owner of Welch’s Orchard. Mr. Welch is an amazingly friendly man that understands parents work hard to provide things for their kids. For that reason there is no admission charge and pumpkins are very affordable. All pumpkins were $5 and under and even the 100lb pumpkin he sold was only $15! 
There are little red wagons you can pull up to the Pumpkin Patch to make gathering your pumpkins easier. Little man loved this and quickly forgot about wanting to ride on a hayrack ride! Mr. Welch mentioned that next year there will be a Garden Train and the barn will be all done. I can’t wait to see the new features for next year, as well as a secret he is keeping under wraps until the Welch’s Orchard Website is up and running! 
We found a large variety of pumpkins in various sizes. If you love odd pumpkins, you will want to stop out during the last week of September to check out the Bat Pumpkins, as well as other large and funky shaped pumpkins. We will for sure be heading out earlier next year to check those out!
Once you have you have your pumpkins picked out, load up your wagon and head down to pay. You can stop on the way for a little swing or have Mr. Welch show you all about the bee’s and honey he pollinates. 

We had a fantastic time visiting Welch’s Orchard and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area. 

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