Playtime Fun with Bkids Light’N Sound Butterfly Book #BkidsAmbassador

*We were provided with this product as a Bkids Ambassador and any opinions are 100% our own. 

Playtime is getting a lot more fun as the twins get older. They are mobile, more vocal – even though I don’t understand them, and love toys that offer a variety of ways to play. Their latest addition to the toy box is the Bkids Light’N Sound Butterfly Book!

This adorably colorful butterfly has several fun things to keep Slobber Monster and Monkey Girl’s tiny hands busy. Open the butterfly’s wings like a book and music goes off and her head lights up. The music isn’t obnoxious so right away I enjoyed it. Soft and lullaby like and it doesn’t go on and on either.

Inside one wing are gears that move and each one is brightly colored with a fun design or mirror. This is Slobber Monster’s favorite part of the Bkids Light’N Sound Butterfly Book and he loves to just sit and spin those.

 On the inside of the other wing there are spinner toys, again in fun colors, and one looks like a little bee. There is also a flap between the wings with a cute ladybug that moves. This is my favorite part as I have been a ladybug lover since forever.

The Bkids Light’N Sound Butterfly Book is available for $35.00 but you can get 10% Off when you use code MidwestMoms at checkout! This code is valid through January 31st 2013 so you can use it to grab some Christmas Gifts for your kiddos!

*We were provided with this product as a Bkids Ambassador and any opinions are 100% our own. 

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