Playground Fun for Little Ones at Charles E. Lakin Park

I have to be honest, I’m not really sure the name of this park, but it sits behind the Charles E. Lakin Human Services Campus off 16th and Avenue G. I searched the Council Bluffs Park Directory and it doesn’t seem to be listed, so for now I’m calling it the Charles E. Lakin Park until I find out otherwise. Either way, the name doesn’t matter because there is lots of fun to be had at this park in Council Bluffs!

 This Council Bluffs Park has a clay base instead of rocks, along with two different sections to play in. You’ll find a big jungle gym with slides, monkey bars, a bridge, and all the fun stuff jungle gyms have.

The money bars are the newer circular style we’ve been seeing. My husband thinks it’s to keep kids from climbing on top of them, and I think it’s for saving space. There is also a little rock climbing wall that was a favorite of my twins.

On the other side of the jungle gym is an area for little kids, with lots of fun things to play on. This section is recommended for ages 2-5, and my twins who are 4 spent most of their time playing in this area. There are tons of cool shapes and designs to crawl under, over, around, and through that make for endless possibilities while playing.


The Charles E. Lakin Human Services Campus also has a little pathway you can stroll down. It makes for a great way to wrap up the playing and get the kids to head back to the car. If you haven’t been to this park, I highly recommend stopping by one afternoon or evening. Especially if you have toddlers or preschoolers!

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