Papa Murphy’s Gone Mini

The next time you are looking for a fun idea for a birthday party or sleepover, swing by Papa Murphy’s! I stopped in the other day and noticed they had Mini Murph Make-n-Bake Pizzas complete with everything your kiddo needs to build their own delish pizza. 😀
Inside you will find everything you need to make a circular creation topped with pepperoni. All for just $3.50! They aren’t skimpy on toppings either as there is enough sauce to make three and two full containers of cheese. Cheese……
Decorate your pie how you like – add some toppings and have fun like I didn’t. The tray it comes on is oven safe, like the other Papa Murphy’s Pizzas so you can toss her (or him) right in the oven at 425 for about 10 minutes. 
When you are done you will have a……Pizza! This would be a ton of fun for a tween sleepover or small kiddo birthday party. Heck, buy a couple and have family fun in the kitchen letting each member create their own. 
Check these out next time you swing by Papa Murphy’s! Did I mention it comes with a tattoo so you can rock your bad ass pizza making skills?!

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