Organizing Clutter: Personalized Buckets

Small things. 
All though they are cute, they are annoying when you find them all over the house.
LEGOS. Ponytail Holders. Board Game Pieces. Animal Erasers.
If it is small, I will step on it, find it under a chair, dust it off a table, and curse at it while I pick it up. Nine times out of ten, small things end up piled up on the kitchen counter, kitchen table, or in my not-so-fancy China Dish. Some day I would like to keep delicious chocolates inside. In order to make room for those chocolates, I am tackling these small things and working on organizing clutter. I created Personalized Buckets. Cheap, easy, and hopefully they help the small things avoid being called the F-Bomb when I find them. 

What You Need
Small Bucket – I found mine in the Dollar Spot at Target
Martha Stewart Chalkboard adhesives – or any other chalkboard labels
Small things laying around the house

How You Do It
Apply Chalkboard Label to Small Bucket
Write Name on Bucket
Place small things laying around the house in the bucket

My next task….getting Tween Girl and Little Man to empty out their Personalized Buckets…

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