8 Reasons Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball is a Must Experience

We were provided with complimentary tickets to Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball. Any opinions are 100% our own.

Omaha Childrens Museum Fairytale Ball Review

Have you been to Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball? I attended with my four year old daughter last night, for the first time, and it definitely won’t be the last! This was exciting for Miss Charlie for two reasons. One, she loves princesses, especially Ariel and Belle. Two, this was the first big outing for her, without her twin brother. There were a few sniffles on the way there, and she checked to make sure I had my phone in case she needed to call him. After that, it was all talk about the Fairytale Ball and that 10 minute car ride was excruciating for her.

Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball is an annual event and 2017 brings TWO nights! The first Fairytale Ball was held on July 29th but don’t fret if you missed out! You can still get tickets for Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball on August 5th! If you’ve never been, here are 8 reasons to grab your tiaras and glass slippers for a night to remember!

8 Reasons Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball is a Must Experience

#1 Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

Hands down this is the one thing Miss Charlie was looking forward to. I told her about the horse-drawn carriage rides at the Fairytale Ball and her eyes popped. We arrived about 15 minutes early and got to see the carriages arrive with the princesses aboard. Miss Charlie immediately named the white horse Cocoa and felt like royalty during her ride. There are two carriages on-site for the event and they go around one half of the parking in a circle. One has a Cinderella style carriage and that line was longer than the other but both moved quickly.

Carriage rides at @omahachildrensmuseum Fairytale Ball!

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#2 Food Fit for a Princess

The Art Smart Center and Rainbow Care are transformed into areas fit for princesses to dine. Pastel table clothes covering the tables and a variety of  beautiful centerpieces. On the menu were cocktail bun sandwiches, chips/pretzels/popcorns, cups of vanilla yogurt with strawberries, cups of strawberry yogurt with blueberries, and adorable wand skewers with grapes and strawberries. Dessert was almost to adorable to eat! To wash it all down there were three varieties of punch in pink, blue, and purple.

Food at Omaha Children's Museum Fairytale Ball

#3 Crafts

No Fairytale Ball is complete without some crafting! Upstairs lots of princesses were decorating dinosaur eggs. Miss Charlie really wanted to make swords for herself and her brother.

Crafts at Omaha Childrens Museum Fairytale Ball

#4 Exhibit Access

One of the highlights of my daughter’s night was getting to ride the carousel. It was open and complimentary during the Fairytale Ball. She only rode once but I was ready for her to get in line at least three times. Dinosaur Safari is open now and you have access during Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball. Where else will you see Cinderella and her prince among the dinosaurs?! I’m pretty sure all of the exhibits were open, except those that had been transformed into parts of the ball. Even Sciene Showplace is open and screening Beauty and the Beast.

Omaha Children's Museum Fairytale Ball Exhibit Access

#5 Pixie Dust Parlor

Before or after riding the carousel, a visit to Pixie Parlor Parlor is a must! The Science Lab is transformed into a pixie dusting wish making factory. Princess climb into a chair as a fairy sprinkles pixie dust over her as she wishes. The fairy told Miss Charlie to say “I Wish” three times and in true Charlie-style she rattled off a good minutes worth of wishes. Wishes that included a cat and a puppy. Sorry honey, but you do have some beautiful sparkly hair now so there’s that.

Pixie Parlor at Omaha Childrens Museum Fairytale Ball

#6 Dancing

My girl loves to dance and she broke it down on the dance floor with Ariel. Fairytale Land is the place to go right when Omaha Childrens Museum Ball begins. The opening dance includes ALL the princes and princesses at the event. We opted for carriage rides first, but still had a blast dancing with Ariel and her prince. Complete with lights, ribbon wands, bubbles, and foam!


The biggest reason that Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball is a Must Experience are the princesses! Their dresses were gorgeous, hair styled beautifully, and they played the characters very well! You will find the princes and princesses floating around the museum during the event, stopping to take photos. I love that they talked to each little girl and boy, making them feel extra special. Even with that extra little attention, the lines moved very quickly.

Princesses at Omaha Children's Museum Fairytale Ball

#8 Fireworks Show

At 9pm when the event wraps up, everyone heads out to the grassy area by the playground to view a fireworks show. Little tip, bring a blanket that you can grab from your car and get comfy.

There’s still time to experience Omaha Children’s Museum Fairytale Ball 2017! Get your tickets and start planning your princess outfits for the evening! Moms, you can dress up too! I didn’t, but saw plenty of moms and adults dressed up and decided that next year I’m going too because everyone deserves to feel like a princess for a night.

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