Omaha Children’s Museum Events and Happenings

The Omaha Children’s Museum is one of our favorite places to take the kids. Especially during the Winter! There are all sorts of Omaha Children’s Museum Events and Happenings right now if you are planning a visit. If you are not, you should!

Opening on Tuesday, January 20th is the newest Omaha Children’s Museum seasonal exhibit, Dinosaurs Rock! Hopefully you got a chance to check out this past Summer’s exhibit, Dinos: The Big Dig. We did and the kids loved it. Apparently they weren’t the only ones, because the dinosaurs were so popular, they are going dino again! The Omaha Children’s Museum has migrated their herd of dinosaurs to a new location within the museum to create the rockin’ new exhibit, Dinosaurs Rock!

Explore the world of paleontology by examining robotic dinosaurs and panning for real gemstones and fossils in a rockin’ way.

This new seasonal exhibit will be open January 20th through March 22nd, 2015 and features

  • Dancing Lights and Rockin’ Music
  • Water Mining Sluice
  • 5 Animatronic dinosaurs including a mommy and baby Triceratops, Stegosaurus, baby Apodasaurus, winged Pteranodon and a Raptor. 
  • Dino Rock Show program will take place multiple times daily in the exhibit space. 

The herd of nine giant, robotic dinosaurs were purchased by the museum in January of 2014 for the first time through a dinosaur fabricator in China. The dinosaurs were purchased, rather than rented, so they could be used in future exhibits and as an additional revenue stream by renting them out to other institutions. The dinosaurs were made possible by a generous gift from the Theodore F. & Claire M. Hubbard Family Foundation for their efforts to support exhibits that are both scientific and educational. “Dinosaurs have become a significant staple in our rotating schedule of special exhibitions, that investing in purchasing our own herd made more sense financially by eliminating the high cost of leasing from a third party,” says Omaha Children’s Museum Executive Director, Lindy Hoyer. “The individual dinosaurs won’t change much from exhibition to exhibition, but where our team’s creativity and strength comes into play is in the unique surroundings we create each time we offer a dinosaur experience. Having our own set of prehistoric creatures allows us to devote more time and resources to creating these customized experiences.”

The Once Upon a Farm exhibit at OCM recently added chick eggs! They are inside an incubator and in about 3 weeks, these chick eggs will hatch and they will have baby chicks! There will continue to be chick eggs, and the ability to watch them hatch, until the Once Upon a Farm exhibit is over.

The LEGO: Travel Adventure will be coming to the Omaha Children’s Museum beginning May 23rd, 2015! This Summer exhibit will kick off on with annual Omaha Children’s Museum Parade at 9 am on the 23rd.

If you are planning ahead for Summer, the Omaha Children’s Museum Summer Camp registration is now open! If you sign up by April 1st, you will receive $10.00 off! If you haven’t yet, you can purchase an Omaha Children’s Museum Family Membership for $99 and that gives you access to the museum and rotating/seasonal exhibit.

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