Old School Rock at Mid-America Center + 5 Reasons This Venue Rocks

*I was provided with these tickets by Harrah’s and Mid-America Center. Any opinions are 100% my own and I was provided with these tickets to cover the concert, not to review the venue, the idea to share about that is all my own. 

Last Friday night, hubby and I took in some Old School Rock at Mid-America Center thanks to Harrah’s Iowa! Tickets in hand, we were ready to go to Paradise with Rick Springfield, Eddie Money, and Little River Band. Hubby was really looking forward to Eddie Money and I was really looking forward to a night our of the house. Away from the kids. With adult beverages and a fun experience. I got all of that and some pretty awesome people watching too!

Little River Band took the stage first and played for almost an hour. As soon as the first guitar string was strung, there was a decent crowd gathering at the front of the stage. They may be Little River Band, but they seemed to have a big following. I got that chance to see why that night and honestly, they were my favorite part of the entire show! They sounded fantastic, the music flowed well, and they had the crowd moving. You can’t ask for much more than that from a show.

Eddie Money came out and I have some mixed feelings on his performance. Halfway through the first song I looked at Hubby and said, “I can’t understand him, is it just me?” Thinking maybe it was my lack of familiarity with the song. Nope. Hubby said, “If he is going for an Ozzy impersonation….he’s winning.” Even stranger were some of his dance moves. Half the time I was afraid he was having a stroke and the other time I was wondering who was going to catch him when he went off the stage. I’m not trying to knock a guy with some fantastic songs and talent, but this performance left me wondering many things…..
After Eddie Money left the stage, then came right back out for a mini encore, I ran around the concourse to snap a pic with fellow Omaha Bloggers that were also at the concert. It was fun to meet these ladies in person and I now know how badly I need to wear heels!

Photo Credit: Mom On The Rocks

I headed back to my seat,  but didn’t make it there. I rounded the last corner and there was Hubby. He threw his back out two years ago and it had picked that week to act up. The wonderful wife that I am…I hadn’t thought about it early in the week when he started mentioning it. Two hours into the show his back was crying uncle and my choices were to let him sleep in the car while I watched Rick Springfield, or take him home to get comfortable. I took him home and learned why you should never leave a concert early……..word is that Rick Springfield KILLED it and kept the old school rock going until 11:30! Not only that, he left the stage and went into the crowd! I love my hubby, but I may be giving him grief about this one for awhile!

Now that you are kicking yourself for missing out on a fun night by not getting tickets, I’m going to tell 5 reasons the Mid-America Center rocks so you don’t miss another show!

1) FREE Parking and lots of it. There really isn’t a bad place to park and I never have trouble getting out when the show is over. Even when we stay for the entire thing.

2) Not a Bad Seat in the arena. I’ve attended quite a few events at the MidAmerica Center and I haven’t had a bad view yet. The layout is big enough that you have room to sit comfortably, yet small enough that you feel like you are having an amazing experience with friends and family.

3) Adult Beverages that are strong. If you like to get your money’s worth when you buy a mixed drink, you will get. Jack and Coke is usually our choice on date night’s and the MidAmerica Center does not disappoint. Mixed Drinks can be purchased at the stand alone bars outside of the arena, as well as beer and wine. Their are also concession stands with food, beer, wine, soda, and water to cover all the thirst and hunger bases.

4) Clean and Convenient Restrooms can be found through the MidAmerica Center and my “I’ve had 4 kids bladder” is thankful for that. My germophobic self is thankful for the cleanliness too.

5) Fast Moving Lines to get your tickets, get in the arena, and at the concessions stand are a huge plus. Nothing like standing in a line and hearing the person you came to saw sing your favorite song. Thank you to the staff at the MidAmerica Center for being fast and efficient so I can enjoy the experience I came to enjoy.

Have you been to the Mid-America Center and what has been your favorite event to attend there?

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