Nightmare On Q Street: Enter If You Dare

My palms were sweaty. My heart was pounding. My back was tight with fear. I could only be heading to one place. Nightmare on Q Street in Omaha. This is a haunted house, or more like haunted attractions, that we have never visited. I really do enjoy haunted houses, even though they scare the bejeebies out of me. For reals. I was going to wear some Depends in case I wet myself.

Nightmare on Q Street calls Fun Plex home in the Fall ad includes four attractions to put your fears to the test. We headed to Raven’s Nightmare first. This is the Haunted House portion and I was very impressed with what we found in side. I held tight to the hubby and made him lead the way.

Each room we entered was themed, like a butcher, creepy doll lady, delivery room, and more. Even the little things were creepy, like climbing through dirty old fridge to get out of the kitchen. Something about that creeped me out. There were different characters in each room and in the hallways as well, that gave several of us quite a fright. Oh, and you can’t forget the chain saws. There were plenty of those.

We took a quick walk over to the The Last Ride inside Primetime Pizza. This is a burial simulation ride that will take you on an interesting ride. I opted not to get in the coffin, but we did watch a girl “get buried” on the big screen out in the eating area.

Next up was Chaos Maze. Wooden walls made tiny hallways and darkness all around. Creepy looking creatures creeped out and directed you to dead end after dead end as you squeezed and shuffled your way through a chaotic maze. The walkways of this maze did seem pretty tiny so if you have big broad shoulders or a beer gut…be careful. 😉

From there we headed over to Phobia. You have to a sign a waiver to participate. Right there I was out. You have to drink something, eat something, and do something. If that requires a waiver, no thanks, because then it could be almost anything they wanted it to be. But, I wanted to watch. I can’t say anything about what we saw so you will have to find out for yourself. I will say that it was hysterical to watch and the group we went in with was awesome!

Nightmare On Q Street Information

Open: Now through November 2nd
Hours: Open at 7:00pm and closing time depends on the day

  • Raven’s Nightmare $13.00
  • The Last Ride $5.00
  • Chaos Maze $7.00
  • Phobia

On Monday’s, Tuesday’s and November 1st & 2nd tickets are Buy One, Get One FREE if  you are looking to check it out at savings!

Have you been to Nightmare On Q Street? What did you think? 

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