New York Through My Lens #BlogHer12

Last week I headed to Manhattan, New York for BlogHer12. Hubby joined me for a 5 day vacation and an experience I won’t forget. I found the conference itself to be overwhelming compared to last year but I met some great brands and bloggers and left the conference motivated, as I usually do.

This was our first time in New York and ….. wow. I will honestly say that overall it wasn’t what I expected. Here in Iowa I am used to friendly, laid back, relaxed living. Completely. Opposite. People everywhere, taxis everywhere, pigeons everywhere. The majority of people I encountered lacked the common courteousness I find at home. It is a different atmosphere all together but there are over 1 million people within an 11 mile X 3 mile space, and that doesn’t count any tourists.

We got in late the first night so we headed to Times Square. A very short walk from the hotel that went through streets filled with vendors of all kinds and lots of touristy shops. The billboards in Times Square could be seen from several blocks away. So Many. So Big. It was amazing to see it and for me it was nothing like what they would show on TRL. Oodles of people and babies in strollers. Truly the city that never sleeps!

The next morning we took a stroll through Central Park. There were some beautiful rock formations scattered throughout the park. We got no where near covering even a 1/4 of the park but what we saw was gorgeous. Vibrant greenery, children giggling on on the playground, and amusement rides waiting to be uncovered for the days visitors.

Central Park Zoo was also on the list. Now, we have the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo which almost nothing can compare to but this was still a great little zoo. Polar Bears, monkeys, seals, birds, and more, as well as a Children’s Petting Zoo and 4D Theater with short movies. It wasn’t to crowded and a nice flow through the exhibits.

I snapped a pic with Flat Matt before our NBC Studio Tour. We were unable to take pictures during the tour which took us to the control room, the Rock Center Studio, Dr. Oz Studio, and Jimmy Fallon’s Studio. It was very informative but I wish we had gotten to see more.

Overall New York was a great experience but I am glad I am back home to the relaxed, laid back, and non-horn honking environment of Iowa!

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