Moscato Mission = Success at #BBCSTL

The Moscato Mission in St. Louis for #BBCSTL was a success! A stop at the Culinaira proved to be very eventful and I got to make the trip twice. Yay Me! 😉 A very helpful women pointed us around to various Moscatos and handy tote which got us a discount on 6. Discount – heck yeah! I want to highlight 3 Moscatos that were winners of this mission.

Barefoot Moscato

Sweet and smooth going down and inexpensive on the budget. Really, you can get it at CVS, I know because I bought one the day after I got back in town. Shhh… 😉

Mirassou Moscato

YUM! We got the pleasure of sampling the Mirassou Moscato at the Bloggy Boot Camp Cocktail party and this was tasty. Super smooth and yummy sweet – you can’t have just one glass. Once again, easy on the budget. 😉

Delish buy can’t remember name Moscato

This stuff put up quite a fight and was SO yummy but for the life of me I can’t remember the name……anyone?

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