Mini Chocolate Pudding Whip Pies

Thanks to some sales a few months ago, I have several tubs of Cool Whip in the freezer. Yesterday I decided to make some use of one of the tubs, as well as some other things I had on hand. This quick and easy recipe was a hit for hubby, tween girl and myself!

Mini Chocolate Pudding Whip Pies

Box of Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix
1 Tub of Cool Whip – we used Extra Creamy
2 Cups of Milk
Mini Pie Crusts – I had Keebler Graham Cracker Crusts on hand but you could also crush up some graham crackers and mix with melted butter for a crust.

Step One: Lay out pie crusts. Pour 2 Cups of Milk in a medium bowl. Pour in Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix.

Step Two: Whisk together the Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix and Milk. I have to mention how awesome this Good Cook Soft Touch Stainless Steel Whisk is! I have had a variety of whisks and this one is a favorite. It does a great job, it’s sturdy, and doesn’t have any spots where ingredients clump up. Scratch and tarnish resistant so I will be able to use it for many recipes to come and it will still look and work great!

Step Three: Add in thawed Cool Whip and fold together. I don’t whisk or stir so that it comes out more as a mousse. Honestly, next time I am going to place the pudding mixture into the fridge to set for just a little bit to get it even more mousse-y.
Step Four: Pour Chocolate Pudding Whip mixture into the mini pie crusts. Place pies into the fridge for a few hours to set. 
Step Five: Eat and Enjoy!
You could use any instant pudding flavor with this recipe. Adding fresh fruit, chocolate, or candy would also make a great touch. I bet the kiddos would love the Mini Chocolate Pudding Whip Pies with some crushed ores and gummy works on top! 

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