Have Yourself A Merry Little Ozark Mountain Christmas

I spent a few days last week in Branson, Missouri to enjoy a merry little Ozark Mountain Christmas. I’m pretty sure Mrs. Claus stopped by and sprinkled cheer all around before I got there because let me tell ya. Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas everywhere I went!

(I am a Blogging Branson Ambassador who is provided with hotel, food, and activities to experience Branson. Any opinions are 100% my own.)

Have a Merry Little Ozark Mountain Christmas

You know those little towns in the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies that make you wish you lived there, if only in December? That’s how it feels at Christmas time in the Ozark Mountain area.

Like stepping inside The Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life and The Grinch. Handmade old town feel with a focus on the reason for the season and lots of fun all wrapped into a big ball of Christmas.

If you’ve never had yourself a merry little Ozark Mountain Christmas put it on your list. As soon as you arrive your troubles will be miles away and replaced with sweet smells of wassail brewing and the sounds or carolers caroling in Silver Dollar City as in the olden days. Oh, those happy golden days of yore that I miss so much returned as we stepped inside Midtown.

One of the reasons I love the holiday season is being surrounded by faithful friends who are dear to us and gather near to us once more. The Ozarks feels like one big family and even more so at Christmas time. Smiles from strangers, genuine curiosity over how things are going from employees, and love. Man, you can feel the love that people have for one another in Branson.

I know. I know. That sounds cheesy but everyone I’ve encountered truly wanted to make sure I was enjoying myself and finding everything I needed. One big reason is a lot of the businesses and shows in Branson are run by families who have a passion for entertaining and giving back. From the theaters to the museums to the distilleries the people who make Branson run have a passion for the city. A passion for the Ozarks.

Experiencing a merry little Ozark Mountain Christmas helped me realize the things I want for my family during the holiday season. While dancing in my seat in the second row of The Hughes Family Christmas Show my heart spilled over as they shared the symbols of Christmas and there meaning. That right there did it for me.

I want simple joys, magical traditions, and most of all to just be with my family. Through the years we all will be together if the fates allow and I want to focus more on cherishing the time spent together instead of stressing about whether or not I got the perfect gifts. Because I can hang a shining star upon the highest place but making sure the reason for the season stays alive within my kids is when I’m most proud.

From the 6.5 million lights at Silver Dollar City to the spectacular Christmas shows at some of Branson’s best theater, to Dolly’s Stampede Christmas Dinner Attraction. I can see an Ozark Mountain Christmas becoming a family tradition for years to come!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and make it an Ozark Mountain Christmas this year!

Stay tuned for lots more details about all the shows, restaurants, and activities we enjoyed in Branson, as well as some awesome updates coming to our home away from home, Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center! 

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