Making Family Memories at Papio Fun Park

*I was provided with Extreme Wristbands to Papio Fun Park for my review as a Moms Connect Blogger. Any opinions are 100% my own. 
Making family memories at Papio Fun Park is what we did earlier this week. I had never been out to Papio Fun Park and the kids really needed to get out of the house so we packed up the diaper bag and piled into the car.  Papio Fun Park offers tons of activities for both kids and adults. There is fun to be had both indoors and outdoors making it great even when it’s really hot outside. 
The first stop for the kiddos was Spaceball. One person gets on each side and you toss a ball back and forth through a hole. A great activity for wearing out your kids! Next up, they jumped inside of the Jumpshot. Similar to Spaceball, except there are basketball hoops to shoot into. This was popular all day long with teenagers and kids with their parents. I think there was only about 15 minutes where it was empty. 
Miniature Golf was on the agenda next. We grabbed our balls from the desk and headed outside to try our luck at a hole in one. You get a Hole in One Prize if you are lucky enough to hit one!
The Miniature Golf Course at Papio Fun Park is a really nice park. Fun for the kids, yet enough of a challenge for adults. Each hole is designed like a famous place which I thought was a nice touch. My little man hasn’t played miniature gold in awhile and he very concerned that his ball went into the last hole and never returned. He wanted to go ask the employees what happened to it but I explained that there was a special bucket underneath that captured the balls so other people could use them. 
The Go-Carts where a favorite of little man’s and it was the first time that tween girl got to drive one. Her first trip around she was pretty cautious and stayed next to last. The second trip around she had some guts and put the pedal to the medal!
There is also an arcade and a places to sit and eat. They offer snacks like nachos, pizza, hot dogs, and candy. Price were very reasonable! The kids each got a $3.00 combo that included a hot dog, popcorn, and a can of soda. You can even hold a birthday party at Papio Fun Park which would be perfect for keeping kids entertained! 
There are also batting cages, lazer tag, and water wars at Papio Fun Park. You will also find a decent sized outdoor seating area that is covered and has a giant fire pit in the middle. Great place to hold a S’mores Roasting after a long day of racing go-carts! 
I’m so glad we went and everyone had a fantastic time! This is somewhere I could see us a going again and it is an affordable way to spend the day having fun as a family. I got to see tween girl drive a go-cart for the first time, watch little man get super excited over his miniature golf skills, and listen to their squeals from inside lazer tag. All in all, Papio Fun Park is not only a great place to have fun, but it is a great place for making family memories.
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*I was provided with Extreme Wristbands to Papio Fun Park for my review as a Moms Connect Blogger. Any opinions are 100% my own. Photo Credit of Pavilion to Papio Fun Park, all other photos are my own. 

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