Locked Room Omaha is Ready for You!

You and six or seven of your most trusted friends and family are locked in a room. You are provided with little more than an introduction to the events that have happened within that room. Your job? Figure out how to escape or find the antidote so you don’t die. Basically, Locked Room Omaha is ready for you if you think you are ready for them!

(Thanks to Locked Room Omaha for inviting me and my group out to experience their room. While they provided experience for free, any opinions are 100% my own.) 
Escape Room in Omaha: Locked Room

Locked Room Omaha is Ready for YOU!

Locked Room Omaha is located on 741 N. 120th in Omaha, situated behind Jensen Tire & Auto. When you arrive, the team at Locked Room Omaha will brief you on an escape room works, as well as give you the back story on the room you are about to enter. There are currently three escape rooms at Locked Room Omaha with a fourth “Fresh Meat” zombie style room being constructed right now. We got to take a peek and I can’t wait for this room to open!

What is Locked Room Omaha

The room the we tested out was “Death by Wine”. First of all WINE. Locked Room Omaha captured my heart with that alone! The room was a bit dark so we were given some lanterns and a flashlight to help us maneuver around. There were several locks throughout the room, and our job was to open them and find the antidote before we were turned into the next delicious wine served at the winery. I don’t want to give away too much, but here are some pictures of the room.

Inside Locked Room Omaha

Other escape rooms at Locked Room Omaha include “Back in the 50’s” which is set up like super cool diner, and “Last Hour of the Titanic” which The Walking Tourists were experiencing while we were in our room.

New Locked Room Omaha is Open
Overall, every single one of us had a blast and left saying we wanted to come back and try another room. It was hard but not so hard you get frustrated and give up. The challenge of finding the antidote was a ton of fun and the Locked Room Omaha team was creative in how they hid they clues. We give them two thumbs and highly recommend experiencing them soon!
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PS: They offer gift cards!


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