Recently Renovated Kimball Park

Have you been to the recently renovated Kimball Park yet? We stopped to play a few weeks ago had a ton of fun.

Council Bluffs Kimball Park

Kimball Park got a facelift thanks to a partnership with the City of Council Bluffs, the North Broadway Neighborhood Association, a group of Gunn School graduates, and The 712 Initiative.

Recenty Renovated Kimball Park
in Council Bluffs

A pickleball court and basketball court are the highlights and according to my husband and son the court is really nice. When a 40-year-old man with a bad back can make a bunch of jump shots without pain that’s some good court support!

Kimball Park Basketball Court

The playground features a neat traingular rope climbing structure that I haven’t seen at other parks in town. There’s also a typical playground structure with slides, a tunnel, and play features.

Kimball Park Playground
Playground Kimball Park

Two things you won’t find at Kimball Park are swings and a bathroom. There is a drinking fountain and a place to grill out and enjoy a picnic.

Picnic Kimball Park

The Gerald C. Dixon Memorial Pavilion also makes a great place for picnics, birthday parties, and family cookouts.

Kimball Park Pavilion

A large hill behind the courts is a great place to throw down a blanket and relax or to let kids run off any last bits of energy before heading home.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at this Council Bluffs Park and will be frequenting more often.

Where is Kimball Park? 1801 North Broadway

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