The Hughes Music Show in Branson is a Must See

This week I’m bringing you a series of posts covering our adventures in Branson, Missouri from the sponsored #BloggingBranson trip in April. Hopefully you were following along on social media and saw a sneak peek of the fun! Kicking things off is something that has been in my head since I returned home, making me tap my foot and randomly singing Na Na Na Na songs while sweeping. The Hughes Music Show in Branson is a must experience for all!

See The Hughes Music Show in Branson this Summer!

The Hughes Music Show

More than 50 family members entertaining with singing, dancing, and musical instruments. You won’t find that anywhere else and with the largest cast in Branson, they also enjoy carrying the title of World’s Largest Performing Family.

Marty, Jason, Adam, Ryan, and Andy are married to Cindy, Mara,Vikki, Carina, and Becky, respectively. Now their wives and more than 35 children and grand-children are also in the show, delighting audiences as they entertain alongside the brothers. With the largest cast in Branson, they also carry the title of the “World’s Largest Performing Family”.

The Hughes Family in The Hughes Music Show in Branson

The Hughes brothers, their wives, and children hypnotize audiences with their dazzling light displays and dance in your seat numbers. I didn’t know I was going to love it so much but the fact the videos are still on my iPad (and I’ve watched them probably 50 times) says something.

The Hughes Brothers and stars of The Hughes Music Show in Branson

The 2018 Hughes Music Show, “Born to Entertain!”, kicks off with a recent national favorite, The Greatest Showman! It set the mood right away for an exciting evening of fun, family, faith, and service. That is what Branson is all about and those themes are found throughout the show. Tamborine hats and gorgeous dresses graced the stage for an emotion-filled set honoring service men and women. Beautiful gospel ballads burst from the speakers with a nod to how important faith is to the people of Branson.

Fun, Family, Faith, and Service in The Hughes Music Show in Branson

When the Hughes kids would hit the stage the dancing skills were really showcased. As the mom of teen dancer, I was impressed with their skills and how they incorporated so many people into the choreography. From ruler instruments and school desk dancing to backflips and handstands, these kids are talented in many ways.

Why You Should See The Hughes Music Show in Branson, Missouri

Not only was this family born to dance and born to sing, but many of them were also born to play musical instruments. Violins and fiddles are an instrument I enjoy listening to and they were played several times during the show. The beautiful sound of different notes and tempos is both soothing and dance-inducing.

The thing that was so inspiring about The Hughes Family is that they DO IT ALL. When they’re not on stage they are working the concession stand, cleaning the bathroom, and other numerous tasks it takes to run an entertainment venue. Other than family, they have a group of three epic people running lights, sound, and all the technical equipment of the show. We got to chat with them and my mind was spinning just keeping up with what they were telling us they had to do. SO many lights and mics are involved in this family show.

What It's Like at The Hughes Music Show in Branson

The next time you’re in Branson I highly recommend getting tickets to The Hughes Music Show, in the former Roy Clark Celebrity Theatre which is a gorgeous landmark theatre in the heart of town. They took it over in January of 2000 and renamed it The Hughes Brothers Theatre where they’ve been entertaining audiences ever since. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll leave planning a trip back just to see them again!

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The Hughes Music Show Schedule for 2018


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