Hot New Gadgets at Verizon Wireless + New Plan

I was invited out to one of the Verizon Wireless Omaha Stores recently, to check out the some of the latest gadgets. It’s always fun to get hands on with tech, and Verizon is a great place to do that. So many zones with so many awesome products, you could spend all day in there and gather a wish list miles long.

Hot New Gadgets at Verizon Wireless + New Plan

Move over Jawbone and FitBit, the Garmin VivoFit is rocking the fitness band scene. It tracks sleep, calories, steps, alerts you if you haven’t moved and all that fun stuff, including three color choices. But the best part? It runs on a battery, with an average of a one year life, so no need to charge it!

Do your kids tend to lose their house key? Do they have trouble remember a code to get in the door after school? If so, you could use Kwikset Kevo in your life! This is one of the neatest gadgets I’ve seen in a while and will prevent a lot of parents leaving work early to let their kids in the house. With Kwikset Kevo you can turn your Apple or Android device into an electronic key. As long as your phone is on you, a simple touch on the pad will unlock the door and let you in.
Tidbits about KwikSet Kevo
  •  If a phone is lost, you can immediately disconnect that number as an electronic key. 
  • You can send a one-time electronic key code to a friends or family if you need to let someone in for an emergency. 
  • Kwikset Kevo syncs to Nest Learning Thermostat
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If you want home security without monthly fees or contracts, look no further than Canary Home Security! Complete home security on one device that send notifications (with HD video!) to your smartphone. I love that set up is simple, taking just minutes, and there is no additional cost after you purchase the device.

Can I tell you how much I am loving the ZAGG Pocket Keyboard?! This thing is AHmazing and compact!  If you have been thinking about a  wireless smartphone keyboard, you are going to love this one too. It folds up nice and slim for travel, yet the keyboard is a great size for function. I can see myself blogging from my phone with this guy! 

After checking out all the hot gadgets at Verizon Wireless, we got down to the details about the new My Verizon Plan. With the new Verizon Plan, you have a $20 Monthly Line Access Fee per phone, then you pick the size of data that works for you and there is no contract.
Small: 1 GB Shared Data for $30/Month
Medium: 3GB Shared Data for $45/Month
Large: 6 GB Shared Data for $60/Month
XLarge: 12GB Shared Data for $80/Month
The team out at the Verizon Wireless Store on 76th & Dodge Street is very knowledgeable in all of the changes with the My Verizon Plan. Don’t hesitate to stop by the store or give them a call if you have any questions!

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