Holy Buckets – It’s Twins!

You know those surreal out of body experiences where you feel like you are floating in a dream? That about sums me up right now. I found out yesterday that we are expecting TWINS!! This is a shocking surprise as we weren’t planning on another family member, or two. 
I woke up this morning thinking it was all dream, too good to be true type of thing, but nope. It’s real. Really real and they are both going to be here before I know it. It will be fantastic once we get through some hurdles. The house is too small. The car is too small. I’m going to get huge. I need almost everything for a baby – our youngest is 6 and he refuses to share is Lego’s – he made that very clear. Did I mention the hugeness?! I have always struggled with weight but this is going to be a while different ball game. 
That all being said, I am as ready as I can be for the next 9 months and all the double fun that will follow! 

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  • Understand the feeling for sure! We were done too…although we are only up to 3, not 4 =). We can make our house work, we are just working on finishing the basement and hopefully adding in another bathroom. HOPEFULLY.
    Your kids will do beautifully with the twins – I'm sure they will. Those babies will have zero interest in the Lego's anyway, so James is safe, at least for the next 2 years =).
    I can't help you with the car not being big enough – you will probably need either a mini van or a large SUV like ours (although not necessarily one that talks to you =) hehe)…it has to be able to seat 6, and not only 6, but two of those spots have to be for car seats which actually take up more like 2.5 spots for two – so you need something that can seat 7.
    Twin stuff though – we have lots of stuff for you guys! We have two swings, two bouncers, two walkers, activity tables, toys, etc. And if you happen to end up with two girls, we have TONS of clothes. I still have newborn girl stuff-12 months…then hopefully you will know the gender(s) before the multiples sale. And of course I will have boy stuff too…duh…I keep forgetting that I have a boy now…lol…so, regardless I have boy and girl stuff…and two of all of the important stuff. Well, except the stroller and car seat…I already sold those…BUT, we should be able to pick you up one at the multiples sale if you don't have one by then. Are any of your vendors that you work with car seat and stroller manufacturers???

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