Heritage Food & Wine Opens in Omaha: Inside Look

*I was provided with my meal and drinks to experience the Heritage Food & Wine Menu and share my thoughts with you all. Any opinions are 100% my food lovin’ own. 

Heritage Food & Wine is the newest restaurant to open it’s doors in Omaha. Once The Zin Room, the space below the Hotel Deco near The Orpheum Theater has been transformed to a spaces that offer dining and drinking, enjoying a European Breakfast, or even hosting a party.

The Soft Opening for Heritage Food & Wine was held in December and I got the amazing opportunity to attend with a fabulous group of Omaha Bloggers. We got the chance to try about half of the food menu at Heritage Food & Wine. I had many foodie firsts and lots of wow’s for my tastebuds. The Heritage Food & Wine Menu is  set up family style and items are served so you can pass them around and share. The food menu is broken down into 5 sections when it comes to the food and we sampled a little from each.

Right now you can grab one of three Groupons for Heritage Food & Wine! Options include:

  • $25 for dinner for $15!
  • $50 for dinner for $29!
  • $18 for 3 $10 Lunch Vouchers

Garden: House Pickles, Olive, Radishes, Potatoes, Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Roasted Carrots and Parsnips, Heritage Greens, Kale, Salad, Grilled Endive Salad, and Garlic & Ricotta (Prices range from $4 – $11)

Seriously could not stop eating the House Pickles made of seasonal vegetables. The flavor is beyond amazing! 

Sea: Mussels, Smoked Salmon and Gravlox, Tuna, Heated Shrimp and Scallops (Prices range from $11-$16)

I have to avoid cured meats for the sake of migraines, but the Smoke Salmon was melt in your mouth tasty!

Coop: Heritage Fried Chicken, Chicken Livers, Smoked Quail, Carbonara, Foie Gra, and Duck Breast (Prices range from $9-$30)

You better believe I took the leftover Heritage Fried Chicken home. Even the twins gobbled it down for the lunch the next day. Gotta love the touch of Cumin in the breading and the no grease factor!

Pasture: Ham Hock and Beans, Beef Belly, Bone Marro, Pork Loin, Lamb Leg, Flatiron Steak, and NY Strip (Prices range from $8-$42)

I believe I had three helpings of the Ham Hock and Beans which surprised even me! 

Cave: Meats and Cheeses available individually or 3 for $12, 6 for $19, and all for $35

The Chorizo Pate and Pine Nut Brittle were ridiculous! I wonder if Santa can put those in my stocking?!

Fun tidbits about Heritage Food & Wine 

  • The staff  includes peole from the Boiler Room, Dante Ristorante Pizzeria, V. Mertz, the Grey Plume and Hiro 88,
  • They have a smoker on site. 
  • Hotel Deco guests can stop down and order food and wine and take it back to their room!
After you check out Heritage Food & Wine, come back and let me know your favorites! 

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