Haunted in Iowa: Real Haunts and Haunted Attractions

Are you ready to get haunted in Iowa?

Iowa is known for its agriculture like corn and soybeans. We even have a creepy lamb with two butts. You know what else we have in Iowa? Lots of haunts!

I’ve always been a believer in the paranormal. Things like spirits, ghosts, and haunted places. Although, haunted houses at Halloween freak me the heck out. Legit haunts intrigue me and give me the need to learn more. If that sounds like you, add these Haunted in Iowa suggestions to your must visit list!

Haunted in Iowa feature Real Haunts in Iowa and Haunted Attractions

Haunted in Iowa: Real Haunts and Haunted Attractions

Real Haunts in Iowa

Independence State Hospital was an insane asylum that opened its doors in 1873. It quickly became overcrowded and patients were put in a room and left without much care or treatment. Rumor has it that the staff were abusing patients, and the living conditions were horrible.

I am guessing the abused patients never moved on, even after death, because the Kirkbride building is still hustling and bustling. It is avoided by current staff because there is so much paranormal activity. People report being pushed or touched by unseen beings; doors have been seen to open and close on their own. Voices, laughs and screams can be heard from the halls. It makes you wonder if it’s the past patients lurking, or the staff that tortured them.

In Dubuque is the Matthias Ham House, which is now a museum. Businessman Mathias Ham built this mansion in 1856 for his family to live in, and decorated it lavishly. A total of four of the Ham family died in this home, as well as an unwelcomed intruder who had evil intentions. Sara Ham had been living alone and heard footsteps outside her bedroom door. She shot twice through the door and found a dead pirate outside of it. Locals aren’t sure if it is the ghost of Mr. Ham or the dead pirate that continues to visit the house, but footsteps and voices have been heard, and electrical disturbances have been reported as well. The pirate captain wasn’t a very nice person and his ghost may be trying to get revenge for being murdered!

Villisca Ax Murder House sits on a quiet street in the small town of Villisca, but has a greusome history. In 1912, the Moore family and two overnight guests were brutally murdered with an axe while they slept. To this day nobody knows who murdered this family and the crime remains unsolved. You can take a daylight tour of the house, or if you’re really brave you can stay overnight and possibly experience hearing children’s voices or falling lamps. Are you brave enough? I’m not for the overnight, but I did visit during the day! –> Villisca Axe Murder House Tour

The Mason House Inn is 165 years old and has a pretty deadly history. At least 3 of the prior owners died while at the Inn, and a guest was murdered there as well. Several ghostly apparitions have been seen at the Mason House. You can stay overnight in this haunted location and possibly have your own ghost experience. Do you think you can handle it?

Haunted Attractions in Iowa

Dark Chambers haunted attraction is over 5,000 square feet of fright located in Dubuque. I watched the teaser video for this haunted house and I must say it’s pretty disturbing! This one is not for the faint of heart.

Outfox Escape Room is located in Coralville and features rooms like Lost Will, where you and your team have to find “Dad’s” will with the clues provided. They also have a room called Jurassic Iowa where dinosaurs are destroying the state and you need to solve the puzzle to save everyone. That one sounds like fun!

Escape Chambers is located in Des Moines and you have 60 minutes to escape with your friends. They also have Tactical Laser Tag, which is not your average laser tag. This is laser tag on steroids! It’s more like a real live video game compared to the dark blacklight kind with bulky vests and plastic guns.

The only question left is: Which one will you be visiting first?! Let me know in the comments!

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