GenZ Read Together: Real-Life Stories and Activities for Everyday

Little Man has been struggling with reading. He loves to read, he just has trouble with words and certain sounds. When I find activities and websites that can help me, help him, with his reading, I am all over it. I recently found out about GenZ Read Together and it is a a great site to help grow strong readers from grades kindergarten up to 5th grade

GenZ Read Together emails wonderful real-life stories and activities each day to your smartphones, tablets or computers. Whether it’s at breakfast, bus stop, or bedtime, GenZ makes it convenient to read about amazing people, places and things. 

Created by educators and award-winning children’s writers, stories are written at two levels, for children in grades K-2 and 3-5.  Titles include:
  • The Atocha (world’s greatest treasure hunter)
  • Captain Sully Saves the Day
  • The Chilean Miners’ Rescue
  • Wilt Scores 100 Points!
  • Owen and Mzee – an Unusual Friendship, 
  • The Invention of Velcro
  • and hundreds more!

Midwest Mammas Readers can get a FREE Trial Subscription to GenZ Read Together! Head over HERE and sign up using code A180 and you will get access to all that GenZ offers! 
*I was provided with this information and a free trial as a US Family Guide Blogger.

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