Four Months and Our Personalities are Growing

The twins are a little over 4 months now. Time feels like it is flying by and dragging on at the same time. If that is even possible. Over the last few weeks the twins personalities have really started to form. It is so fun watching them become little people and discover how the world around them works.

Charlie Sue is an attention hog and has recently found all the octaves to her voice. She will scream in the pretty little voice that you would never think could get that loud. She loves using her hands to grab and pull toys into her mouth. It’s hard not to laugh at how mad she gets when something won’t fit! She has already figured out she needs her beauty sleep and consistently sleeps 12 hours a night. Seriously. I’m not sure how I got so lucky with her.


Oliver is pretty laid back for the most part. He loves his exersaucer (Thank You Aunt Jackie and Uncle Andy!) and quickly figured out how to push buttons for sounds. I quickly remembered not to put batteries in certain things…. His favorite thing to chew on is his thumb, especially when he gets tired. Grunting is his new favorite noise to make and he is pretty much smiles all. the. time.

Everyday brings a new adventure with the twins. Completely awesome? Yes. Overwhelming? YES! I keep thinking it will get easier, but so far not yet. Still trying to stick to a schedule, keep ahead of the housework, get dinner on the table every night, and still manage to get in a shower. Honestly, that is life with kids, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  • They look great lady! You must be doing something right =). In all seriousness though, that first year is a doozy. I thought it got a lot easier after that! Hang in there!!!

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