Family Fun with Hy-Vee Cooking Classes

The twins and I recently had some family fun with Hy-Vee Cooking Classes and I can’t wait for the classes in April with my older son! I’d been wanting to try one out for awhile but schedules never worked out. This month they finally did and the twins had SO much fun. They have worn out the dietician with all their questions and antics but they left with lots of yummy foods and beaming proudly because they got to cut with knives!

Council Bluffs Hy-Vee Cooking Classes for Kids and Adults

Family Fun with Hy-Vee Cooking Classes

Hy-Vee on 23rd and Broadway offers several different cooking classes for young kids, older kids, and adults every month. They are held upstairs in the community room and the Hy-Vee Facebook Page is a great place to stay up to date on classes. The one we attended was designed for kids and had a Valentine’s Day theme. Each child had their own food portions to prep and make and they learned about cleanliness while making their treats.

What Hy-Vee Cooking Classes for Kids are like

During our class the kids made chocolate covered strawberries, smoothies, trail mix, and parfaits. They each took turns helping blend, stir and mix different ingredients. I love that there was variety of recipes for them to make and we also went home with more recipes to try in our own kitchen.

The kitchen is probably the most popular room in our home and I love when the kids want to help me cook and bake. I’m looking forward to more Hy-Vee Cooking Classes and when dates are announced for March I will update here.

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