Family Adventure to Build-A-Bear Workshop

*I was provided with a Build-A-Bear Gift Card to facilitate my review. Any opinions are 100% my own and this isn’t the first or the last time we will stuff furry friends as a family. 

We loaded up the car and headed out on a family adventure to Build-A-Bear Workshop the other day. This special trip was the first time the twins had been to Build-A-Bear Workshop and they were long over due for a furry friend.

My Little Pony is one the popular furry friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop right now. Princess Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are available for you to stuff, dress, and love. Tween Girl thought Twilight Sparkle would be perfect for Monkey Girl so we grabbed her and headed to the Stuff Me Station!

Monkey Girl is only 6 months old so I assisted at the Stuff Me Station. The Pawsonal Shopper told me about the Find-A-Bear ID Program while Twilight Sparkle was getting stuffed. Did you know there is a special barcode stuffed inside your furry friend?! If they get lost, and returned to a Build-A-Bear Workshop, they can contact you and reconnect you with your friend!
I also got the pleasure of bringing Twilight Sparkle to life! I warmed the heart in the palm of my hands, rubbed the heart on my head, touched it to my cheek and made a wish for Monkey Girl before stuffing it inside. Once Twilight Sparkle was stuffed to our huggable liking, we were off to the Fluff Station
This is Tween Girls favorite station so she eagerly took over! At the Fluff Station you can give your furry friend the spa treatment as you fluff their fur and make her (or him) all beautified! 
After we finished up at the Fluff Station, we took a look at all the adorable Build-A-Bear Outfits and fun accessories available. You will find everything from fancy dresses, to casual dress, themed costumes, and even Girl Scout uniforms!
There are also athletic outfits for all sports fans and the come with sports themed accessories. If only they had an LA Lakers Uniform or Iowa Hawkeyes Outfit then dad would have been sold. I may still have to pick up the NBA Outfit for one of our Build-A-Bears to go with the Kansas City Chiefs Outfit we bought for him last year. Yes, even dad like Build-A-Bear Workshop! 
The My Little Pony Accessories that are available reminded me of childhood. The rainbow colors and magical princess styles that I remember from the books, movies, and figures. 
The Build-A-Bear Dressing Rooms are seriously way to much fun. Seriously. Tween Girl could have played around in the dressing room all day. She kept blaming it on Twilight Sparkle, saying she kept changing her mind, but I know whose fault it was…..
We were ready to head to the Name Me Station but of course, there had to be one more stop in the Dressing Room. 
At the Name Me Station you give your furry friend and name and create a personalized birth certificate. Tween Girl chose the name Kylie Sparkles for our new furry friend. I thought it was very fitting. Funny thing, we got to the register and the Pawsonal Shopper that helped us was named Kylie! 
Kylie Sparkles is all stuffed, fluffed, and ready to go home! She came home in a Cub Condo but there are also backpacks available right now if you are doing some back to school shopping for your kiddo and their furry friend.
We had such a fun time on our family adventure to Build-A-Bear Workshop. I never look at a trip to Build-A-Bear like shopping. It is always an experience filled with fun memories and friends that my children will cherish for a lifetime. 
I have to give a shout out to the Pawsonal Shoppers at the Build-A-Bear Workshop at Oakview Mall! They were above and beyond amazing during out entire experience and each one of them really seemed to love  their job. If you live in the area, stop by for one of the best Build-A-Bear Workshop experiences you will ever have!
*I was provided with a Build-A-Bear Gift Card to facilitate my review. Any opinions are 100% my own and this isn’t the first or the last time we will stuff furry friends as a family. 

9 Replies to “Family Adventure to Build-A-Bear Workshop”

  1. I absolutely love Build A Bear Workshop but haven't gone for years. There used to be one about 45 minutes away from where I live, but has since closed shop. Hoping they might make it back to my area at some point.

  2. I love Build A Bear too! Our is closed for a remodel but we can't wait to go back once it opens again. My son loves the Star Wars & Marvel costumes. It's such a cute experience.

  3. We love Build a Bear! We haven't been probably in 7 years or so, as my youngest is now 12, but the one he made when he was 3 went to the hospital with him when he had ear tube placement surgery. I'll never forget how they put a mask on the dog so he could go in, and how much calmer my son was. Someday I'll take my grandkids! (My oldest is 24…it'll be a while LOL)

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