Fall Fashion for Babies: My Favorite Picks

I am so ready for Fall! Leaves changing colors, picking pumpkins, eating caramel apples, and Fall Fashion! I could live in jeans and sweatshirts all year round if mother nature would let me. This Fall is especially exciting because I get to shop for Fall Fashion for Babies! The twins will be 8 months old this Fall and I can’t wait to dress them in cute cardigans, blazers, and stylish shoes.

Zulily has some great Fall Fashion Sales going on right now with some items that are perfect for babies! There are some seriously adorable pieces available like these Owl Crochet Beanies. For only $9.99 the cuteness can be yours!

Monkey Girl is fun to dress up but she is starting to crawl. That means dresses are on hold until she gets her coordination under control. This Petunia Petals Owl Body Suit and Owl Organic Leg Warmers would work perfectly to give her mobility and  look so stinky cute! Finished off with Pink Sequin Mary Janes for outings and she is set for style this Fall!

Slobber Monster is really against stationary positions but he doesn’t like skirts so I don’t have to worry about dressing him for mobility. He does however like comfortable, soft clothing and keeping with the owl theme, the Petunia Petals Brown & Blue Owl Body Suit and Petunia Petals Blue ‘Hoot’ Owl Pants would be great. Complete with Beige Honey Slip-On Shoes for outside and he is all set for Fall!

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