Facebook Adds Post Scheduling – Yippee!

Blogging is something I love. My second home is over at Sweeties Freebies, where you will find me almost every day and night. No lie. Blogging takes a lot of time, dedication, and wine. Thanks to a new Facebook feature I am the happiest chiquita right now!

Facebook has added post scheduling for pages! For those with a personal page this really means nothing. For me, a blogger, with a fan page, this means I just got some time back, and for FREE! 😀 By clicking the clock in the lower left hand corner I am able to change the date and time to a future (or previous) date – it’s that easy!

You can check out the Mom Bloggers Guide for full details on How To Schedule Facebook Posts.

For example, Vaseline announces that at 8 PM they are going to giveaway 1,000 bottles of lotion to the first 1,000 fans. Instead of having to watch the clock and make sure I am online to warn fans, I can schedule a post on Facebook to go live at that time and remind fans for me!! This may seem silly, I know, but my passion is helping people and if that means helping them score some freebies, then that fills my heart.

So, Facebook, in light of some annoying and irritating things you have been doing lately, I give you props on this! Thank you for giving me time back…….to drink some wine!

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