Epic Gifts for Iowa Hawkeye Fans

Tickets to a Hawkeyes game are always going to be on the wish list of Iowa Hawkeye Fans. If I could buy them every year for my husband I would. But I can’t. I always try to find him an Iowa Hawkeye Gift though. Sometimes it is handmade, other times it is store bought. If you are shopping for Iowa fans this holiday season, check out these Epic Gifts for Iowa Hawkeye Fans!

Looking for epic gifts for iowa hawkeyes fans

Epic Gifts for Iowa Hawkeyes Fans

Iowa Hawkeye Sign and Handmade Gifts

You can find all sorts of Iowa Hawkeye Signs both online and in local stores. Plus, you can even make your own sign at Create or check out MJsCreativeDesigns who is local in Council Bluffs, and another ideas it to paint something at That Pottery Place. My son just painted an Iowa Hawkeye Plate last month and I think it turned out pretty fabulous for a 10 year old gamer.

Iowa Hawkeye Hover Helmet

The Iowa Hawkeye Hover Helmet is an epic gift because hello, it hovers! Plus, it has LED lighting in the stand to illuminate the helmet. There is a reason there are only 16 left available in stock. My friend at EnzasBargains.com received one last year, check out her video.

Iowa Hawkeyes Fashion

Fanactics and Hawkeye Fan Shop are loaded with awesome Iowa Hawkeye shirts, hoodies, coats, hats, and more. I’m loving the styles they have available this year, for both men and women. I was shopping for the husband, but then I set my eyes on the Ombre Hawkeye Shirt and started shopping for myself.

A few other gift ideas for Hawkeye fans include:

What Epic Gifts for Hawkeye fans will you be putting under the tree?

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