Doozies in Council Bluffs: Homemade Ice Cream, Burgers, and More!

Have you been out to Doozies in Council Bluffs?! Recently opened at Lake Manawa, Doozies sits in the old ice cream shop on Commanche, caddy-corner from the golf course. After hearing they were scooping up frozen treats and wrapping up delicious eats I had to make a trip out for myself.

Doozies in Council Bluffs by Lake Manawa

The Doozies menu includes burgers, chicken sandwiches, breaded pork loin, patty melt, hot dog, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, and salads. Fries and onion petals are available as side options and both were pretty tasty. We ordered breaded pork loins, a cheeseburger, and chicken tenders all of which were good.

Breaded Pork Loin at Doozies

Cheeseburger at Doozies

Chicken Tenders at Doozies

One thing I’ve been hearing a lot about is the ice cream at Doozies. Let me tell ya, it did not disappoint. Susie’s Homemade Ice Cream is creamy and flavorful. I wish I had better pictures to share but the cones and dishes were pretty much devoured when they arrived.

Susie's Homemade Ice Cream at Doozies

Ice Cream at Doozies

PS: You can also find ice cream to-go at Doozies if you want to serve some at a party!

If you’ve been out to Doozies, let me know your favorite ice cream flavor or sandwich! If you haven’t, stop by and dine at one of the booths inside Doozie or at the patio seating outside.

Doozies Facebook Page

Doozies in Council Bluffs

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