Dinos are BACK at Omaha Children’s Museum

We are a proud partner of the Omaha’s Children’s Museum.

Do you hear the roars? Diggin’ Dinos is now open at Omaha Children’s Museum! You may have seen in my Instagram stories last Thursday the twins and I were invited out to OCM to check out the newest exhibit.

It. Did. Not. Disappoint.

I have girl boy twins and neither one could wait to get up those musical steps and run into the “dinosaur research facility”. So much fun to be had at this exhibit for all kids and ages.

Diggin’ Dinos exhibit brings together life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, contruction equiptment, and humans. Building, digging, S.T.E.M activities, and plenty of ways to run off energy for all the little engineers, architects, and paleontologists.

The Digging and Building area was pretty popular amongst all the kids at the event. A digger you can move, a pully system for digging, and buried fossils to unearth.

Megalo-Sub was also a big hit, especially with my twins. Kids can climb inside of him and see how the animatronics work, stand up and look out the submarine hatch, and even make his jaws, tail, and fins move! Not gonna lie, I wanted to crawl inside but was worried I wouldn’t be able to easily bet back out lol!

Our last stop in Diggin’ Dino’s involved S.T.E.M fun by testing different items against earthquakes and strong winds. My twins thought this was pretty cool – especially watching the towers come down. (You can see it in the video below) What kid doesn’t love to build things up and knock them down?!

Even the toddler play area got a dino-riffic makeover for the Diggin’ Dinos exhibit!

The Diggin’ Dinos exhibit runs through April 11th, 2020 and also includes the following daily programs:

  • Dino-Might Movers – A program about the inner mechanical workings of dinosaurs and kids have the chance to build their own moving creature.
  • Fossil Finders – Guided tours of the dinosaurs while observing their environment and making ground-breaking discoveries.

If you visit during the month of October don’t forget to swing by Cobweb Castle which is open through Octboer 31st! Oh, and mark your calendars for the upcoming Dinos on the Loose Friday Family Date Night on November 15th from 4-8PM!

Other things to add to your calendar include Santa’s Magic returning! This interactive performance by the Snow Queen, Santa’s elves, and Santa Claus runs daily from November 29th – December 23rd.

Read for the Record is also coming up on November 7th at 1:15pm where the museum will join Jumpstart in tring to break the record for the number of people reading the same book on the same day. The book for 2019 is “Thank you, Omu!”.

Learn more about Diggin’ Dinos and all of Omaha Children’s Museum upcoming events at OCM.org

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