Did You Catch “Working Class” on CMT?

A scripted sitcom on CMT? I am sure that question has been asked over the past several weeks as viewers get ready for the premiere of “Working Class” starring Melissa Petereman, who most of you may remember from “Reba”, and Ed Asner.
I was given the opprotunity to watch and review the premiere episode of “Working Class” this week thanks to the One2One Network! I must say that CMT has done well! The episode “The Buddy System” was funny, serious, and relative to what people like Carli (Melissa Peterman) are dealing with.
This series follows Carli, a single mother of three, four if you count her high maintenance brother. She works with Ed Asner at a local deli and is trying to figure out how to “eat caviar on a sardine budget”.
I laughed out loud several times as I witnessed daily antics around the breakfast table, Carli accidentally hit on her boss, and a proposal in a grocery store!
Melissa Peterman still has some of the hilarity of her “Reba” character with a touch more serious, it is a well balanced combination. I found myself wanting to more and that is a great thing. I see many hilarious and heartwarming episodes to come!
You can get more details and watch show clips CMT.com/WorkingClass! You can even head over to the Working Class Facebook Page to get a sneak peek!
Make sure you tune into CMT on Friday, January 28th at 8pm ET to check out “Working Class” for yourself! Feel free to come back and share your thoughts!
Disclosure:I was given a link to the “Working Class” Premiere by the One2One Network for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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