Delightfully Delicious: 712 in Council Bluffs

712 used to be just an area code for us. Recently, it became much more than that when 712 in Council Bluffs opened its doors! Using as much locally grown produce and locally-sourced meats as possible, the 712 restaurant + bar is bringing us something we’ve needed for a long time. A local contemporary restaurant for family dinners, romantic date nights, work get togethers, and girls night out. Yes, 712 is the perfect place for all of those and before we dive into the 712 menu, lets take a look inside to see why!

Delicious 712 in Council Bluffs

Delightfully Delicious: 712 in Council Bluffs

The atmosphere and decor made me smile as soon as I opened the door. A nod to Council Bluffs all around the walls, carried the 712 name right into the decor. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by the hostess stand and a little waiting area. I snapped a pic during the rare moment it was empty on a Friday night, and they turn over tables quite quickly so there isn’t much waiting – when you have a reservation.

Decor at 712 in Council Bluffs

A gorgeous mural fills one whole wall of 712, and features iconic Council Bluffs history and all those things that makes us, well, Council Bluffs, Iowa!

Inside 712 in Council Bluffs

There is a nice sized bar at 712, featuring two televisions and 23 craft beers on tap, that include several local brews, and more being added. There is no shortage on wines at 712 either! Make sure you stop in for Happy Hour from 2:30PM – 5:30PM where you can enjoy $1.00 off glasses!

Wine at 712 in Council Bluffs

Now, let’s dig into the 712 menu! Two sided and loaded with delicious eats and drinks, there is a variety of items to choose from on this menu. Plus, they were offering two daily specials the night we were there. There are several starters and salads to kick things off with. Handheld eats include a burger and flatbread that I’ve heard great reviews on, as well as the grilled cheese that I’m going with next time, and the 712 Cubano that is quickly becoming a local favorite. Dinners and larger meals included pork chops, ribeyes, Plum Creek Chicken, salmon, and more.

Menu for 712 in Council Bluffs

We kicked the meal off with a bottle of Canti Italy Moscato and let me tell you, it gave my favorite a run for it’s money. You can now find Canti Moscato at Hy-vee thanks to a really awesome vendor that I reached out to!

Canti Moscato at 712 in Council Bluffs

The Starters at 712 are a great mix of sliders, fried pickles, crab cakes, meatballs, and the housemade tater tots we dug into. Not quite what I expected but delicious and cheesy nonetheless. I spotted a plate of sliders come out and those pretzel buns were enough for me to mentally add them to my order for next time.

Food at 712 in Council Bluffs

I ordered the Salmon, and highly recommend it! Cooked to the perfect tenderness and the flavor was on point. Laid upon a bed of rice and broccollini made for a situation where the fork didn’t hit the table. I can not remember what was all in the rice, something about oysters, and it was very tasty!

Chicken at 712 in Council Bluffs

My dinner date ordered the Plum Creek Chicken and highly recommends that as well. Served on the bone, this chicken was loaded with flavor. I’ve actually had Plum Creek Chicken at Jams, in the Old Market downtown, and really liked it as well. I have to say, Jams has been my favorite ‘local food’ eatery for awhile, but I’m pretty sure 712 just changed that – especially because it’s right here in town!

Dessert at 712 in Council Bluffs

For dessert, I had my first Creme Brulee experience. The custard was delicious and it was fun watching the caramelized top broken open. The slices of bananas on top were tasty with the custard and I totally could have eaten more of them! There are a few other desserts available if Creme Brulee isn’t your thing. I recall something carrot and maybe chocolate torte being offered but my mind was already on the Creme Brulee.

Murals at 712 in Council Bluffs

Hopefully you are drooling and ready to pick up the phone and book a reservation at 712 for a delightfully delicious lunch or dinner!

Details about 712

Location: 1851 Madison Avenue in the old Valentino’s space
Hours: 11AM – 10PM Monday – Thursday | 11AM – 11PM Friday & Saturday (Closed on Sundays for now -they will be opening for brunch VERY SOON!)
Phone Number: 712-256-5525


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