Craving for Traveling #NaBloPoMo

Recently I have jumped into traveling. I will be taking a total of 4 trips this year, so far….! I have one under my belt and the next 3 happen within the next 60 days. Crazy – but the great kind! Until about 3 years ago I had never left the Midwest. I get car sick easily so long road trips are out and I have a fear of heights (which I now know is more a fear of ledges) and I thought I would have trouble flying. During my first take off I realized it wasn’t bad at all, I could do it over and over again! This realization has made my husband very happy……yeah, right.
My first trip, on a plane, outside of the rolling hills and farm land, was down to Alabama. If I ever move anywhere, it will be to the south, specifically the town of Mobile, Alabama. Breathtakingly beautiful in my opinion.

During that trip I also hit the Gulf Coast in Florida. I was an ocean virgin until this trip. My visit was towards the end of the oil spill and it was heart breaking to see what had been done. None the less, it was still an adventure I will never forget. If you ever take a trip that way, stop into the FloraBama Bar and have The. Best. Time. Of. Your. Life.
After a night on the Gulf Coast we headed to NOLA! New Orleans was one of the funniest times I have ever had. I underestimated my tolerance for tasty beverages, enjoyed gelato and woke up with the worst hangover ever. I did New Orleans the right way! 
I’m so glad I took the jump into traveling and I am having so much fun adding dream destinations to my list!

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