Cox Bros BBQ in Council Bluffs (Review)

Midwest Mammas recently lunched at Cox Bros BBQ out at Metro Crossing. They have a great location among popular restaurants and retailers and opened just a few weeks ago. There are Cox Bros BBQ locations in Kansas but this is a first for Iowa.

The menu itself was pretty typical for a barbecue joint. There are combo meals with one or two sides and larger combos if you are bringing the whole family. You choose your meat and sides and move down the counter to pay and get your food.
On your way down the counter you will pass the giant smoker filled with meats. Turkey, sausage, pork, chicken, and brisket are what you will smell. 
Meals are served on trays with parchment paper on them and sides come in little Styrofoam bowls. I thought that was fun for a barbecue meal but portion wise the sides seemed small for the price.  First up was the Smoked Turkey Combo with Mac n Cheese and Potato Salad. The turkey tasted good but wasn’t very hot. The potato salad was bland and the mac n cheese was luke warm. 
Next up was Pulled Pork with Mac n Cheese and Pineapple Cole Slaw. Once again the meat was barely warm. Mac n Cheese was luke warm – man I so wanted that to be amazingly delicious and it wasn’t. The Pineapple Coleslaw was pretty tasty but a bit runny. 
The serving sizes of meat on the sandwiches was nice but could have been pulled better and smoked a little more.
There are four choices of barbecue sauce available and these are Cox Bros BBQ’s own sauces. Original, Carolina, Texas, and Kansas City style. I do like that they offer a variety of sauces but I still love my Devil’s Spit. 
We had high hopes walking in but we left feeling unimpressed. I admit I have enjoyed barbecue in Alabama and Charlotte, North Carolina and it was some of the best I have ever had. However, this wasn’t even as good as Famous Dave’s. Maybe it was just the day we went but if you are heading out, hopefully you are more impressed than we were.
Oh, and they have a rewards program that you can join at the restaurant. It says you get a free gift for signing up but we have yet to receive any offers or emails so we shall see….

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