Coupons 101

Coupons area wonderful thing and they are even better when you know the tricks to getting the full benefit of them. Here are several tips I have learned about coupons over the last few months.

1) If an item is on a BOGO sale you can use a BOGO coupon to get them both for free.

2) When using a bogo coupon (not on a BOGO sale) you can also use another $ off coupon with it.

3) A lot of $1 coupons can be used for free trial size items as long as the coupon doesn’t specify a size or exclude trials.

4) Coupons can be used on items that also offer Register Rewards or catalinas.

5) Check clearence areas for beauty, home, and food items that you have coupons for.

I wanted to share these tips for those aren’t big coupon users. There are also several stores that ad match as well. I know for sure the Target, Wal-mart, and No Frills do.

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