Charlotte, Get Ready, I’m Coming to #TypeACon

Holy Buckets I am heading to Charlotte, North Carolina! Most of you know that I also write over at and I took part in a posting giveaway and I WON a ticket to the Type-A-Parent Conference! I have heard how amazingly beautiful North Carolina is and I. Can. Not. Wait.
I am stoked about the chance ( so soon after BBC in St. Louis) to again be in the presence of some powerful blogging women and men. Resourceful Mommy will also be there, hosting a hands on session, and I am going to be stalking my email for the registration to come out so I don’t miss my chance to hear her speak.
This summer is going to be a whirlwind of fun with Charlotte, Chicago, and then New York City! I am so blessed with the opportunities and adventures live is presenting me and I will be sharing my travels with all of you!
Stay tuned…… 
type-a parent conference

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