Things to Do in Iowa

Exciting Things Happening at Honey Creek Resort

Exciting Things Happening at Honey Creek Resort

If you live in Iowa, two words you are probably familiar with are Honey Creek. Located just over 3 hours from Council Bluffs, Honey Creek is home to more than jut Honey Creek State Park. Sitting on the shore’s of Lake Rathburn, Iowa’s second largest […]

Let Creativity Run Wild on 100 Block: Canvas Concoctions Art Studio

It’s about darn time! Council Bluffs is getting their first art studio with a bar, and I for one am very excited! I’ve experienced Corky Canvas and Vino Van Gogh in Omaha and loved every minute of it. Having a painting bar in our own […]

Pete the Cat: The Musical at The Rose Theater + Giveaway

I really look forward to story time with the twins. They LOVE books and I like to credit that love to the varying voices I portray while reading. Really it’s probably the characters, fun colors, animals, and everything inside those books. One thing we all […]

5 Reasons to Attend the Fall 2015 Gathering of the Bacchanalian Society of Omaha

(I was provided with tickets to this event. Any opinions are 100% my own.) Wine. It enjoys our favorite TV shows, entertains our friends, and coming up on October 8th wine will be helping the community. The Fall 2015 Gathering of the Bacchanalian Society of […]

Omaha’s First Escape Room: What is Entrap Games

You are trapped in a room for 60 minutes. Your goal is to figure out how to escape. There are clues hidden within that room that will lead you to your way out. Along the way you encounter strange things, begin to question everything, and […]

Peanuts Family Film Series at Marcus Theaters

Peanuts are a gang I grew up reading about. Watching during the holidays. I can’t wait to share the Peanuts with my kids on the big screen come November. Not only have I never seen Peanuts at the movie theater, but it’s also a whole […]

R5 Winter 2016 Tour + Details on Tickets for R5 Omaha Show

I’m pretty sure girls all across the country fainted at this news, particularly here in the Omaha Metro Area! Pop-Rock Sensation R5 has announced the dates for their Winter 2106 Tour and Omaha is on the list!  That’s right! R5 will be performing at Omaha’s […]

Omaha Tattoo Artist on Spike TV’s #InkMaster + Premiere Party at DJ’s Dugout

If you live in the Council Bluffs or Omaha area, you have more than likely heard of Big Brain. When looking for a tattoo and a notable tattoo artist in the area, Big Brain is a common place to refer people. Big Brain in Omaha […]

3 Reasons to Experience Vino van Gogh

Thank you to Vino van Gogh for the complimentary classes, as well as the giveaway! Any opinins are 100% my own.  If you have ever wanted to find a new hobby, try something new, or wanted a change from the usual night out….you need to […]

Why You Need Big O Bocce In Your Life

*Our team was provided with a complimentary registration fee. Any opinions are 100% my own and we were not required to have as much fun as we are! You know what happens when you are sick of doing the same old things and your family […]